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Uncover Hidden Cameras in Your Rental: Tips for Spotting Surveillance Devices in Your Airbnb

ScienceUncover Hidden Cameras in Your Rental: Tips for Spotting Surveillance Devices in Your Airbnb
Over the years, alarming incidents of unsuspecting Airbnb guests being spied on by the property owners have surfaced. One such instance involved Katelyn Boss, who discovered a hidden camera disguised within a light fixture during her rental in Miami, sparking widespread attention. Astonishingly, an analysis of Airbnb properties revealed that one in every 132 rentals may harbor hidden cameras, underscoring the significance of understanding how to identify surveillance equipment within your accommodation.

Shine a Flashlight to Find Reflections of Camera Lenses

According to Chris Hauk, a consumer privacy advocate, dimming the lights and utilizing a flashlight can unveil the telltale reflections of camera lenses. This method can help detect any subtle glimmers or colored lights, which are strong indicators of concealed cameras. Alongside flashlight searches, it’s essential to be mindful of green or red LED lights, as they may denote the presence of hidden surveillance devices.

Use Apps to Root Out Hidden Devices

Utilizing specialized apps like Fing can aid in identifying cameras connected to the Wi-Fi network. These applications can scan the Wi-Fi network and provide detailed information about all connected devices, serving as an initial step in uncovering potential hidden cameras. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that this approach may not detect cameras with wired connections or those recording to internal storage. For more technical detection, individuals can leverage Wi-Fi sniffers to identify any data extractions occurring within their vicinity. Additionally, anomalies in Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth signals could serve as significant indications of recording devices, warranting further investigation into the presence of hidden cameras.

Check for Two-Way Mirrors

Chris Hauk highlights the significance of inspecting mirrors for hidden cameras, particularly focusing on the identification of two-way mirrors. By turning off the lights and using a flashlight to scrutinize the mirror’s surface, individuals can distinguish between traditional one-way mirrors and potentially deceptive two-way mirrors. The presence of a reflection that allows visibility into a concealed area behind the mirror could signify the use of a two-way mirror, facilitating the recording of the surrounding space.

Use Your Phone’s Camera to Spot Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors are commonly utilized by cameras to capture images in low-light environments. While human eyes cannot perceive infrared light, smartphones equipped with camera functionality might possess the capability to detect it. By using the camera app and aiming a remote control at the phone, individuals can determine if their device can detect infrared light. This feature can then be leveraged to scan the room for any comparable flashes, indicative of potential hidden cameras present within the rental space.
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Check Pot Plants and Smoke Alarms

Small household items such as pot plants and smoke alarms are frequently exploited as covert locations for concealing surveillance equipment. Reports of hidden camera lenses found within smoke detectors emphasize the importance of thoroughly examining these common household items for potential hidden cameras. Vigilance in inspecting nanny-cam candidates, including stuffed toys, smoke alarms, and houseplants, is essential for ensuring comprehensive security within the rental space.

Carry Webcam Covers for PCs and TVs

In light of instances where devices like televisions may innocuously contain built-in cameras for video calls, Brian Higgins advises the use of webcam covers as a preventive measure. These covers serve as a protective barrier against the misuse of such devices for invasive purposes, offering an added layer of security and peace of mind for guests in Airbnb rentals. In conclusion, safeguarding your privacy in Airbnb rentals necessitates a proactive approach towards identifying and neutralizing potential surveillance devices. By employing the recommended techniques and remaining vigilant throughout your stay, you can mitigate the risks associated with hidden cameras and ensure a secure and comfortable accommodation experience.

The Shocking Discovery of a 'Hidden Camera' in an Airbnb

It was supposed to be a relaxing getaway at an Airbnb in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia for Kennedy Calwell and her friends. However, their tranquil retreat turned into a nightmare when they stumbled upon what they believed to be a hidden camera pointed towards the shower in their accommodation.

The Terrifying Revelation

Kennedy, a 26-year-old from Canada, shared her harrowing experience on social media, recounting the chilling moment when she and her friends made the unsettling discovery. In a now-viral TikTok video, Kennedy expressed their shock and fear after realizing that they were being surveilled in their rented Airbnb.
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The Alarming Findings

As a wave of dread swept through the group, one of Kennedy’s friends took it upon herself to conduct a thorough search of the property, inspired by cautionary videos on TikTok highlighting the prevalence of hidden cameras in rental spaces. After an exhaustive investigative sweep, their worst fears materialized when a tiny recording device was found concealed in the bathroom, strategically positioned to capture their private moments.

The Disturbing Details

Recounting the ordeal, Kennedy revealed that the covert camera was cunningly disguised within an electrical outlet, poised to clandestinely observe their activities in the bathroom. The invasive nature of the discovery sent shockwaves through the group, prompting them to take immediate action to ensure their safety and privacy.

Seeking Justice

Upon unearthing the suspicious device, Kennedy wasted no time in reporting the distressing incident to the authorities. The local police intervened, seizing the purported hidden cameras for meticulous analysis, aiming to decipher the extent of the potential violation and intrusion perpetrated against the unsuspecting guests.

A Disquieting Resolution

Following an intensive investigation, the police ultimately delivered an unexpected conclusion that left Kennedy and her friends reeling. Contrary to their apprehensions, the specialized unit engaged by the authorities determined that the devices in question were, in fact, standard electrical outlets rather than covert surveillance mechanisms.

The Aftermath

Despite the disconcerting revelations, the ordeal underscored the prevalence of concerns surrounding personal privacy and the potential risks that may accompany rental accommodations. Kennedy’s chilling experience acted as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and awareness while staying in unfamiliar settings, shedding light on the critical need for comprehensive safety measures to safeguard against surreptitious surveillance.


The unsettling encounter at the Airbnb in the Sunshine Coast serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to remain vigilant and vigilant and attentive when utilizing rental accommodations. This disconcerting episode reinforces the imperative of thorough vigilance and proactive measures to ensure personal safety and privacy in unfamiliar environments, serving as a poignant reminder of the potential vulnerabilities that may lurk behind seemingly innocuous façades.
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