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Serbia Comes to the Defense of ‘White Lotus’ Actor Amid Ukraine Controversy

GamesSerbia Comes to the Defense of 'White Lotus' Actor Amid Ukraine Controversy
In the midst of a heated controversy involving actor Milos Bikovic, the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has come forward to vehemently refute claims against the acclaimed actor. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had recently asserted that Bikovic is a supporter of Russia and consequently “supports genocide and violates international law,” prompting them to demand HBO to remove him from the cast of ‘White Lotus’.

Dispelling Baseless Allegations

In response to these allegations, the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has categorically dismissed them as entirely baseless. Emphasizing the long-standing tradition of arts and culture in Serbia, they expressed pride in the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of creativity within the country. Furthermore, the Ministry provided glowing accolades for Bikovic, describing him as one of the most talented and popular Serbian actors of his generation. Minister Ivica Dacic was noted to have presented Bikovic with a commendation from the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2019, acknowledging his significant contributions to promoting Serbia on the global stage.

Global Recognition and Achievements

Milos Bikovic’s casting in the third season of ‘White Lotus’ by HBO was unveiled on January 12, underscoring his emergence onto the international stage. Despite this being his inaugural role in a US production, Bikovic has already garnered significant acclaim in Serbia and Russia. Following his breakthrough in Nikita Mikhalkov’s ‘Sunstroke’ in 2014, he has navigated a successful journey through both Serbian and international film and television. Notably, his remarkable performances in productions such as ‘Otel Eleon’, ‘Serf’, and ‘South Wind’ have solidified his standing as a distinguished figure in the world of entertainment.
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Recognition and Controversies

Bikovic’s contributions to Russian culture were acknowledged through the conferment of the Pushkin Medal in 2018, culminating in the acquisition of Russian citizenship in 2021. However, this trajectory was met with opposition from Ukraine, resulting in the imposition of a ban on him from entering the country in 2019. It is clear that the recent allegations pertaining to Bikovic have triggered a fervent response from the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, underscoring their firm support for the acclaimed actor amidst the Ukraine controversy.

In Conclusion

The steadfast defense of Milos Bikovic by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs echoes the resolute stance taken in the face of baseless allegations. As the debate surrounding his involvement in ‘White Lotus’ rages on, it is evident that Bikovic’s impact transcends national boundaries, evoking impassioned reactions and fervent support from various quarters.
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