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Eidos Montreal’s Shocking Fate: Embracer’s Takeover Leads to Cancellation of Deus Ex Game

GamesEidos Montreal's Shocking Fate: Embracer's Takeover Leads to Cancellation of Deus Ex Game
Eidos Montreal, a renowned game development studio, has recently announced a distressing turn of events. Following Embracer Group’s takeover, Eidos Montreal has made the difficult decision to lay off 97 members of its staff, comprising a significant portion of its workforce, which was reported to be around 481 strong in November of 2022. The studio conveyed this unfortunate news through an official statement on social media, expressing its gratitude to the impacted employees for their dedicated contributions over the years.

Impact of Embracer's Restructuring

Eidos Montreal attributed this drastic measure to the global economic challenges, the evolving landscape of the gaming industry, and the comprehensive restructuring initiated by Embracer. The studio emphasized its commitment to supporting the affected personnel during this transition, aiming to assist them in finding new opportunities in their respective fields. Despite the adversity, Eidos Montreal reiterated its dedication to prioritizing the well-being of its team and continuing to create exceptional gaming experiences for players to enjoy.

Cancellation of Deus Ex Game and Fallout

Moreover, the repercussions of Embracer’s restructuring have extended to the cancellation of the highly anticipated Deus Ex game, which had been in development for two years. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, especially considering the immense popularity and legacy of the Deus Ex franchise. Jason Schrier of Bloomberg highlighted the distressing news, indicating that the cancellation of the Deus Ex game aligns with the broader challenges faced by Eidos Montreal in the wake of the recent layoffs.

Embracer's Controversial Decisions

The series of closures and cancellations, including the termination of the Deus Ex game, are emblematic of Embracer’s efforts to curtail costs and alleviate its substantial debt, stemming from its rapid expansion in recent years. Embracer’s ambitious pursuit of diversifying its portfolio, which encompassed the acquisition of numerous studios and intellectual properties, culminated in significant financial strain. This overhaul, intended to redefine Embracer’s focus on single-A and double-A game development, has led to the dissolution of several prominent entities within the gaming industry, eliciting widespread concern and criticism.
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Impacted Studios and Workforce

Eidos Montreal’s plight following the Embracer takeover aligns with similar misfortunes befalling other reputable studios, such as Volition, New World Interactive, Lost Boys Interactive, and Free Radical, all of which have faced closures and layoffs under the overarching restructuring plan orchestrated by Embracer. The collective ramifications of these decisions have had a profound human impact, affecting the livelihoods of over 1,000 individuals who have been displaced as a result of the organizational realignment.


The seismic shifts initiated by Embracer’s restructuring have reverberated across the gaming industry, precipitating the disheartening closure of projects and the displacement of talented individuals. Eidos Montreal’s announcement regarding the termination of the Deus Ex game serves as a poignant reminder of the tumultuous consequences cascading from overarching corporate maneuvers. As the industry grapples with these developments, it remains imperative to advocate for the well-being of the affected workforce and to critically analyze the systemic influences shaping the future landscape of game development.
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