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Tragic Peanut Allergy Fatality Sparks Urgent Cookie Recall

Grocery chain recalls cookies due to fatal peanut allergy incident.

Boeing Sounds Alarm on 737 Max Planes: Urgent Inspections Needed for Loose Bolts

BusinessBoeing Sounds Alarm on 737 Max Planes: Urgent Inspections Needed for Loose Bolts

**”Boeing Urges Urgent Inspections of 737 Max Planes for Loose Bolts”**

Boeing has urged airlines to conduct inspections on their 737 Max planes due to a possible issue with loose bolts in the rudder control system. This comes as the latest quality problem encountered with the manufacturer’s best-selling jetliner. The call for inspections follows the discovery of a missing nut on a bolt during routine maintenance on a mechanism in the rudder control linkage by an international operator. The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed this finding, including another undelivered aircraft with a nut that was not properly tightened. As a result, Boeing recommends that the inspections be conducted, which is estimated to take around two hours per aircraft. Additionally, all new 737 Maxes will undergo the check before being handed over to customers. Although Boeing stated that the issue with the affected aircraft has been resolved, it is encouraging operators to inspect their 737 MAX aircraft and report any findings.

**The Response from Airlines**

Alaska Airlines has planned to commence inspections on their 737 Max planes, with expectations to complete them in the first half of January. The carrier anticipates no operational impact as a result of these inspections. United Airlines, one of the largest 737 Max customers, along with US airlines, also expressed that they do not expect any operational disruptions due to the problem and have committed to completing the inspections.


In conclusion, it is vital for airlines to take prompt action in conducting these inspections to ensure the safety and reliability of the 737 Max planes. This proactive measure, in collaboration with Boeing’s recommendation, demonstrates the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety within the aviation industry.

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Source: CNBC.com

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