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Is Having an Android a Dealbreaker for Potential Partners? Women Weigh In on a Man’s Smartphone Choice and Attractiveness Ranking”

ScienceIs Having an Android a Dealbreaker for Potential Partners? Women Weigh In on a Man's Smartphone Choice and Attractiveness Ranking"
In today’s society, where technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, the choice of a smartphone can surprisingly become a deal-breaker for individuals seeking potential partners. A recent impromptu interview conducted by a TikToker revealed a firsthand account of women’s opinions on whether a man’s attractiveness ranking changes if he uses an Android smartphone. This discussion has brought to light some intriguing insights into the perceptions surrounding smartphone brands and their association with social status and desirability.

The Perception of iPhone and Android Users

The conflict between iPhone and Android users is not a new phenomenon. Many iPhone users perceive their device as a symbol of status, boasting about its distinctive features such as blue speech bubbles and superior camera technology. On the other hand, Android users are often subjected to negative stereotypes, with complaints about the perceived lower quality of their photos and the presence of green speech bubbles in their messaging interface.

Women's Verdict on Android Users

During the impromptu interview, women were asked about their views on a man’s attractiveness ranking if he possessed an Android smartphone. The responses varied, with some women expressing a significant decrease in the man’s desirability, equating his ranking to as low as a ‘zero’. The disparity in perceptions was evident, with one woman dismissing the issue altogether, stating that the man would still be a ’10’ irrespective of his choice of smartphone. However, the prevailing sentiment highlighted the impact of smartphone choice on an individual’s attractiveness.

The Influence of Smartphone Brand on Dating Preferences

This debate extends beyond personal opinions, as studies have shown a strong correlation between smartphone brands and dating preferences. According to a 2020 survey, a staggering 70% of surveyed singles indicated a preference for dating iPhone users. Furthermore, discrimination based on smartphone brands is bidirectional, as only about half of Android users expressed a willingness to consider dating iPhone users. This preference for iPhone users is emphasized by the association of Apple products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, with increased chances of attracting potential matches on dating apps.
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Addressing Stereotypes and Perceptions

The distinction between iPhone and Android users goes beyond mere technological preferences and transcends into societal perceptions. The impromptu interviews revealed disparaging remarks connoted with Android users, including associations with low economic status and the label of being ‘poor’. Such stigmatization underscores the need to challenge and debunk these stereotypes, fostering an environment where individual preferences are respected, irrespective of their choice of smartphone brand.


The choice of a smartphone has evidently become a significant factor in the realm of dating and social interactions. While the debate between iPhone and Android users persists, it is imperative to recognize and respect individual preferences without succumbing to stereotypes or prejudices. Ultimately, a person’s worth and attractiveness cannot, and should not, be defined by the brand of smartphone they choose to use. Source: The content of this article is based on the insights provided by Dailymail.com
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