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Arnold Schwarzenegger held up at German airport!

GamesArnold Schwarzenegger held up at German airport!
Former Hollywood star and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger experienced a lengthy detention at Munich Airport after failing to declare a custom-made luxury watch upon his arrival from Los Angeles. The incident unfolded when customs officers discovered the custom-made Audemars Piguet watch in his luggage, leading to a probe into possible tax evasion. Despite explaining that the watch was intended for auction in Austria as part of his climate initiative, Schwarzenegger faced obstacles in resolving the situation, including challenges with the payment process.

Customs Entanglement and Tax Probe

The customs officers at Munich Airport took action after uncovering the undisclosed luxury watch in Schwarzenegger’s possession. The incident triggered an investigation into potential tax evasion, with the customs spokesman emphasizing the requirement for the watch to be registered as an import. As the news of the detention circulated, a photo surfaced, portraying the renowned 76-year-old figure in the company of customs officials, holding the watch box.

Schwarzenegger's Explanation and Auction Intentions

Despite Schwarzenegger’s efforts to clarify that the purpose of bringing the watch into Germany was for an upcoming auction in Austria, where the proceeds would support his climate initiative, he faced barriers in resolving the situation. This futile attempt to rationalize the presence of the luxury watch further prolonged the encounter with the customs authorities.

Delayed Resumption of Journey

The value of the specially crafted watch for Schwarzenegger amounted to a substantial sum, reportedly surpassing €20,000 euros ($21,800). Furthermore, the culmination of the ordeal was delayed due to complications encountered while attempting to address the tax and penalty payment. The malfunctioning credit-card machine and inadequate withdrawal limit from the ATM exacerbated the delays, eventually prolonging Schwarzenegger’s departure for Austria.
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Continuation to Austria

After enduring the procedural hurdles, including the payment complications, Arnold Schwarzenegger was finally permitted to resume his journey to Austria, culminating with a departure from Munich. Reports indicate that the resolution of the payment issue facilitated his transition to Austria approximately three hours following his initial arrival at the airport.

Schwarzenegger's Political Commentary and Future Aspirations

Maintaining an active voice in political discourse, Schwarzenegger, who served as California’s governor, has exhibited a continued engagement with national politics. His candid remarks about potential presidential aspirations and the prevailing state of American politics have sustained his visibility in public discourse. Notably, his commentary on the possibility of a presidential run and his reflections on the political landscape project a figure still influential in the realm of governance and leadership.


The episode involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s detainment at Munich Airport underscores the intricacies and potential complications individuals may encounter when transporting valuables across international borders. Despite his prominence and prior public service, the incident serves as a reminder of the adherence to customs regulations and the implications of non-compliance. Additionally, Schwarzenegger’s ongoing involvement in political discussions suggests a sustained influence and interest in public affairs, further solidifying his enduring presence in the public eye.
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