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Heroic Ruby: Michigan Pup Saves Owner from Arbutus Lake

LifestyleHeroic Ruby: Michigan Pup Saves Owner from Arbutus Lake
An extraordinary act of bravery unfolded in Michigan when a pet dog named Ruby stepped in and saved her owner from certain peril. The dramatic event took place at East Bay Township’s Arbutus Lake, where a 65-year-old man found himself in a life-threatening situation. As the icy conditions made it impossible for a police officer to reach the man, it was Ruby’s quick thinking and actions that played a vital role in the successful rescue.

A Life-Saving Act

Ruby, a brown and white patched dog, proved to be a true hero as she enabled a police officer to perform a successful ice rescue when her owner fell into the freezing Arbutus Lake. Despite the challenging blizzard scene, Motor Carrier Officer Kammeron Bennetts arrived at the location and, unable to traverse the thin ice himself, sought the assistance of the courageous canine. The heartwarming video of the rescue, captured by Officer Bennetts’ body camera, garnered widespread attention and admiration on social media platforms.

The Dramatic Rescue

The intense moments of the icy rescue were filmed as Officer Bennetts, arriving at the scene, found the man struggling in the frozen waters of Arbutus Lake. With the situation growing more precarious by the minute, Officer Bennetts called out to the man, instructing him to send Ruby for help. As the dog rushed towards him, Officer Bennetts attached a bright orange rescue disc to her collar, along with a piece of rope, and urged the man to call her back over. With unwavering determination and quick thinking, Ruby played a pivotal role in the rescue mission. The fallen man grabbed the disc and followed Officer Bennetts’ instructions to “kick your feet” while Ruby pulled the disc, eventually allowing him to emerge from the icy water. The heart-stopping ordeal concluded as the man, along with Ruby, was safely dragged across the snow to dry land, with the assistance of a firefighter.
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Responding to the Emergency

Michigan State Police promptly responded to the emergency call after bystanders witnessed the man falling through the ice. The situation demanded swift and decisive action, and the successful rescue is a testament to the coordinated efforts of Officer Bennetts, Ruby, and the emergency response team. The man’s swift transportation to the Munson Medical Center for treatment and subsequent release underscore the importance of efficient and timely emergency responses in critical situations.

Praise and Recognition

The heartwarming and heroic actions of Ruby and Officer Bennetts sparked an outpouring of praise and recognition online. A neighboring police district even took to Twitter, hailing Ruby as a “good girl” and commending the creative thinking that played a pivotal role in saving a life. The heartwarming story of courage, resilience, and unwavering loyalty captured the hearts of online audiences and served as a powerful reminder of the remarkable bond between humans and their beloved pets.

Weather Conditions and Safety

The challenging blizzard and severe winter weather conditions across the contiguous United States have underscored the importance of safety measures and vigilance, especially around icy lakes and snow-covered landscapes. Understanding the potential risks and ensuring the safety of oneself and pets in such conditions is vital for avoiding potential hazards. As the region experiences record-cold air and back-to-back storms, it becomes imperative for individuals to remain cautious and prepared for the effects of extreme weather.


The heartwarming tale of Ruby’s courageous rescue underscores the remarkable bond between humans and their pets. In a moment of adversity, Ruby’s bravery and quick thinking proved instrumental in saving her owner’s life. The heroic actions of Officer Bennetts and the emergency response team demonstrated the pivotal role of swift and decisive action in critical situations. The heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder of the unwavering loyalty and courage that our beloved pets bring into our lives, and it underscores the invaluable role of pets as genuine companions and, at times, lifesavers.
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