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LifestyleFemale Politicians Still Battling Sexist Remarks on Appearance in 2024
It’s hard to believe that even in 2024, female politicians are still facing sexist comments and treatment based on their appearance. Despite the progress made in gender equality, recent incidents have highlighted the ongoing struggle for female politicians to be taken seriously without being subjected to objectification and disrespectful remarks.

Outdated Sexism in Political Systems

Recent events in Japan and Australia have shed light on the prevalent sexism that continues to permeate political systems worldwide. The former Prime Minister of Japan made derogatory comments about the appearance of the country’s foreign minister, displaying a blatant disregard for professionalism and respect. Meanwhile, a news channel in Australia went as far as photoshopping an image of a female MP to amplify her physical features, reducing her to a mere object of sexualization.

Victimizing Female Politicians

The experience of Victorian upper house MP Georgie Purcell is a prime example of the demeaning treatment faced by female politicians. Not only did she have to endure public scrutiny for her stance on duck hunting, but she also became the target of a despicable act of photoshopping that objectified her body and undermined her professional reputation. The fact that such incidents are still occurring in the 21st century is deeply troubling.

Inexcusable Excuses and Apologies

The attempts by the news network to excuse their actions by blaming Photoshop only serve to underscore the lack of accountability and responsibility in addressing the objectification of women in politics. The refusal to acknowledge the deliberate nature of the alterations speaks volumes about the pervasive culture of sexism that persists in the media and beyond.
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Impact on Women and Girls

The impact of such degrading treatment extends beyond the individuals directly affected. It sends a damaging message to young women and girls, implying that no matter their level of achievement, their bodies are still considered fair game for public scrutiny and manipulation. This perpetuates a culture of objectification and undermines the progress towards gender equality.

A Deeper Disrespect

The incidents involving female politicians being subjected to sexist remarks and objectification are not isolated occurrences. They are symptomatic of a broader disrespect for women in society. From media portrayals to public commentary, the pervasive nature of sexism continues to undermine the contributions and credibility of women in positions of power.

Shifting the Focus to Substance

The focus on the appearance of female politicians detracts from their professional capabilities and the substantive issues they advocate for. It is high time that society shifts its attention from how women in politics look to what they have to say and the impact of their policies and actions. The persistent fixation on physical appearance not only detracts from the value of their work but also perpetuates damaging gender stereotypes.


In 2024, the continued battle of female politicians against sexist remarks on their appearance highlights the enduring challenges of gender inequality. The recent incidents serve as a stark reminder of the pervasive culture of sexism that undermines the professionalism and respect owed to women in politics. The onus is on society to recognize and address these issues to ensure that female politicians are valued for their contributions, intellect, and leadership, rather than being reduced to mere objects of scrutiny and objectification.
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