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Chicago’s Newest Tourist Attraction: The Infamous ‘Rat Hole’

TravelChicago's Newest Tourist Attraction: The Infamous 'Rat Hole'
Chicago has always been known for its quirky sense of humor and offbeat attractions, but none have captured the attention of locals and tourists quite like the infamous “rat hole” on Roscoe Street. What started as a simple sidewalk crevice has now turned into a viral sensation, drawing in visitors from all over to witness this peculiar phenomenon.

The Unlikely Attraction

Winslow Dumaine, an artist and comedian, stumbled upon the rat hole during a routine trip to the store. Little did he know that this discovery would spark a city-wide phenomenon. The uncanny resemblance of the hole to a rodent piqued his interest, and he shared it on social media, igniting a wave of curiosity and amusement among Chicagoans. People have been making pilgrimages to the quiet residential area of Roscoe Village, offering candles, coins, and even small memorials to the enigmatic crevice.

Embracing the Quirkiness

As the “Chicago rat hole” continues to gain notoriety, it has become a shared joke among the city’s inhabitants. Even State Representative Ann Williams joined in on the fun, showcasing the rat hole as one of the district’s attractions. With Chicago being deemed the “rattiest” city in the United States, there’s a sense of irony and lightheartedness in the symbolism of this newfound attraction.

A Symbol of Urban Arcana

The origins of the rat hole remain a mystery, sparking online debates and discussions among locals. While its true genesis is unknown, the hole has become a symbol of urban quirkiness, reminiscent of other animal imprints found in human civilization. For Mr. Dumaine, the rat hole represents a public good, akin to the historical paw prints found in various ancient artifacts.
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Cultural Impact and Humor

Despite the lightheartedness surrounding the rat hole, it has inadvertently had a cultural impact. Mr. Dumaine’s art has gained significant attention following his viral post about the rat hole. However, he remains adamant about not commercializing or claiming ownership of the phenomenon, wanting it to remain a communal experience for everyone.

The Intrigue Continues

As visitors, young and old, continue to flock to the rat hole, the fascination with this peculiar attraction shows no signs of waning. It has become a testament to Chicago’s unique charm and its residents’ ability to find humor in the unlikeliest of places.


The “rat hole” on Roscoe Street has transformed from a mundane sidewalk crevice to an emblem of Chicago’s eccentricity and humor. Its unexpected rise to fame has brought joy and amusement to both locals and visitors, showcasing the city’s penchant for finding delight in the most unconventional of phenomena. As Chicago proudly embraces its newfound title as the “rattiest” city, the rat hole stands as a testament to the city’s ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
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