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Surprising and Emotive: Readers Share their Favorite Cultural Trips in Europe

TravelSurprising and Emotive: Readers Share their Favorite Cultural Trips in Europe

## Surprising and Emotive: My Favorite Cultural Trips in Europe

**A musical treat in Budapest**

Let me tell you about the magical experience I had at the House of Music in Budapest. The entrance is like a mushroom, and as I stepped inside, I found myself immersed in a museum dedicated to the history of music. From enchanting Gregorian chants to the rich traditions of Hungarian folk music, the House of Music is an absolute gem. The audio guide enriched my visit, and all of this came at a steal for just 1,000 forints (£2.25). It’s definitely a place worth visiting.

**Antiquity in Mérida, Spain**

Mérida, the picturesque capital of Extremadura, completely captivated me with its ancient monuments. The Roman amphitheatre, the grand Puente Romano (Roman bridge), and the Moorish fort were simply mesmerizing. What struck me the most was how the town has managed to maintain its tranquility despite being home to such remarkable historical landmarks. The stroll through its quiet streets led me to delightful surprises like the Temple of Diana and the beautiful Plaza de España, both perfect for recharging.

**Literary West Yorkshire**

During my time in West Yorkshire, I based myself at the charming White Lion in Hebden Bridge and embarked on a cultural tour. One of the highlights was exploring the locations from “The Gallows Pole” by Benjamin Myers, set around Cragg Vale. Visiting the atmospheric Heptonstall, where Sylvia Plath is buried, and Hardcastle Craggs added an extra layer of depth to the experience.

**Three Erics in Morecambe**

In Morecambe, I delved into its cultural offerings, starting with a lunch at the Art Deco Midland hotel, where I admired the works of Eric Gill and Eric Ravilious. A stroll along the promenade led me to the iconic statue of Eric Morecambe, a beloved TV cultural icon. I also made sure to visit the art deco cafe Brucciani and enjoyed a captivating performance at The Platform, a repurposed old railway station. Not to mention, the street scenes from the TV series “The Bay” were an exciting find along the way.

**Art by the beach in Bournemouth**

On a scorching summer day, I stumbled upon the Russell-Cotes gallery in Bournemouth, and it was an absolute delight. With its panoramic view of the sea, a shady garden, and an eclectic collection of art, it was a memorable find. The late Victorian art nouveau building housed impressive sculptures, ornate ceilings, and a diverse range of paintings, including works by pre-Raphaelites and pieces from around the world.

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**Roman enchantment at Hadrian’s Wall**

A visit to Hadrian’s Wall in the UK left me utterly spellbound. Standing at Sycamore Gap, I was overwhelmed by the ancient aura it exuded. As I traced its rugged path, I couldn’t help but feel a deep connection to its history and the soldiers who once guarded it. The experience resonated with me, akin to my visit to the Great Wall in China, albeit on a smaller but equally enchanting scale.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing these remarkable cultural journeys, each leaving an indelible mark on my travel memories.## Discovering Ancient Treasures in My Travels

Hey there, travel enthusiasts! Let me take you on a journey to some extraordinary and lesser-known destinations that have completely captivated my heart.

### Fortress Ruins in Catalonia

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Costa Brava, near the village of Ullastret in Catalonia, I stumbled upon the awe-inspiring ruins of an ancient Iberian fortress called Ciutat ibèrica d’Ullastret. Dating back to the 6th century BC, these ruins are surrounded by a massive wall, creating an incredible atmosphere that will surely capture your imagination. As I wandered through the site, perched on a hill and overlooking the stunning countryside, I was fascinated by the ancient history that unfolded before me. And to top it all off, the small museum on the premises holds intriguing artifacts, including a skull with a spike driven through the head. This experience is definitely one for the books and an absolute must-visit, especially for those traveling with kids. Plus, at just €7 for adult admission, it’s a steal for the experience you’ll have.

### The Pull of Science in Geneva

While in Geneva, I found myself drawn to something a bit unexpected – the particle physics research center known as CERN. The experience was nothing short of overwhelming as I spent two days exploring this fascinating site. Being in the midst of all the high-tech equipment and witnessing groundbreaking scientific research in action left me utterly mesmerized. The best part? Entrance is absolutely free! If you’re even slightly intrigued by science or just love discovering something out of the ordinary, CERN is an absolute gem.

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### Georgia’s Ancient Wine Method

In my quest for unique experiences, I stumbled upon the traditional and ancient qvevri wine-making method in Georgia. Designated as a UNESCO cultural heritage, this centuries-old practice is a true testament to the country’s rich winemaking heritage. I had the privilege of witnessing master craftsman Zaza Kbilashvili demonstrate the intricate process of making these clay vessels, which are used to ferment and store wine. The entire experience, from the shaping of the vessels to the natural fermentation of the grapes, was utterly captivating. And of course, tasting the wine surrounded by sunken qvevri was nothing short of amazing. It’s an experience that truly takes you back in time and leaves a lasting impression.

### Winning Tip: Karen Blixen and a Trio of Trains, Denmark

Let me share an absolute hidden gem in Denmark. In just one day, I embarked on an unforgettable journey using a single railway line. My first stop was Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle at Helsingør. Rich in history and grandeur, it was a fantastic lesson in Danish heritage. Next, I made my way to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, where I was enthralled by the intriguing installations and stunning sculptures. One particular piece, a Henry Moore sculpture overlooking the sea and Sweden, left me in awe. Finally, I concluded my adventure with a visit to Karen Blixen’s home, Rungstedlund. Her collections and the captivating stories of her life made it feel like stepping into another world. This hidden treasure in Denmark is an absolute must-do for history and art enthusiasts.

So, there you have it! These are just some of the remarkable experiences that have left an indelible mark on my travels. Each one is a testament to the astonishing diversity and richness of our world. Trust me, if you ever get the chance, don’t miss out on these extraordinary destinations. Happy travels!

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