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Wes Moore Joins Baltimore Ravens Fans for Epic Beer Shotgunning Session

PoliticsWes Moore Joins Baltimore Ravens Fans for Epic Beer Shotgunning Session
It is often said that voters want to elect politicians they can relate to on a personal level. Governor Wes Moore of Maryland took this to a whole new level when he joined Baltimore Ravens fans for a memorable beer shotgunning session.

A Unique Tailgate Moment

Wes Moore made a surprising appearance at a Baltimore Ravens tailgate, where he found himself surrounded by enthusiastic football fans. In an unexpected turn of events, the governor showcased his beer shotgunning skills, a talent typically associated with college experiences rather than political figures. The excited crowd cheered for the Baltimore Ravens and punctured their cans, with the governor opting for spiked iced tea instead of beer. Together, they simultaneously drained their cans, and Mr. Moore effortlessly flattened his empty can before exchanging high-fives with the group. A video capturing this unanticipated moment quickly gained traction in the online sports world, receiving widespread approval and attention.

Implications of the Viral Moment

While the beer shotgunning session did not lead to a victory for the Baltimore Ravens, it significantly boosted Wes Moore’s reputation as a devoted Ravens superfan. This lighthearted display of likeability further solidified his position as a political newcomer, having secured a lead in the 2022 Democratic primary for governor of Maryland and subsequently gaining a substantial advantage in the general election.

A History of Politicians and Shotgunning

Wes Moore’s participation in the shotgunning activity is not the first instance of a politician engaging in such a display. Similar occurrences have been witnessed in the past, with Representative Jared Goldman and Senator Claire McCaskill partaking in beer shotgunning at public events. These instances have varied in their impact, with some receiving widespread acclaim while others may not have achieved the desired effect.
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The beer shotgunning session at the Baltimore Ravens tailgate exemplifies Wes Moore’s ability to connect with constituents on a personal level, showcasing a relatable and approachable side amidst his political career.


Governor Wes Moore’s unexpected participation in a beer shotgunning session with Baltimore Ravens fans has not only highlighted his genuine enthusiasm for the local football team but has also emphasized his relatable and down-to-earth demeanor. This viral moment has allowed Moore to connect with voters on a personal level, further solidifying his position as a beloved and personable political figure in Maryland.
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