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Breakthrough: NASA Reestablishes Contact with Mars Mini-Helicopter

"NASA successfully reestablishes connection with Mars mini-helicopter."

Sturgeon Denies Political Motives in Covid Inquiry

Nicola Sturgeon denies politicizing Covid decisions in inquiry testimony.

Leading Truck Manufacturers Join Forces to Advocate for Expansion of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Truck makers unite to advocate for widespread installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

AI Courses on Coursera: New User Every Minute in 2023!

TechAI Courses on Coursera: New User Every Minute in 2023!
In a remarkable and staggering revelation, Coursera revealed that it attracted a new user every minute on average for its AI courses throughout 2023. This signifies the increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) education, as individuals seek to upskill and take advantage of the potential opportunities in generative AI.

The Significance of Generative AI

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda highlighted the profound impact of generative AI on people and industries. He emphasized that generative AI is the real hotspot, as it has far-reaching implications for numerous individuals and sectors. Despite initial concerns among investors about generative AI applications potentially replacing ed-tech firms, the technology has actually sparked a surge in interest in upskilling, proving to be advantageous for platforms like Coursera.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Coursera has strategically aligned itself with frontrunners in the AI race by partnering with industry leaders such as OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind to offer a wide array of AI courses. With over 800 AI courses available, the platform recorded an impressive more than 7.4 million enrollments in the previous year alone.

Personalized Tutoring with AI Assistant "Coach"

Every student on Coursera’s platform is granted access to a ChatGPT-like AI assistant called “Coach,” providing personalized tutoring. The bot is constructed using large language models from OpenAI and Google’s Gemini, with no current plans for Coursera to develop or train its own models. However, the company aims to refine these models with proprietary data.

Global Accessibility and Expansion

Coursera has leveraged AI technology to translate approximately 4,000 courses into different languages, making education more accessible worldwide. As part of its strategic initiatives, the company plans to expand its AI team through increased hiring in the coming year.
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The Broad Global Fascination with AI Technology

The surge in interest and enrollment in AI courses on Coursera reflects the broader global fascination with the technology, driven in part by the widespread adoption of generative AI. This demonstrates the growing importance of acquiring AI skills and knowledge in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. In conclusion, Coursera’s exponential growth in AI course enrollment underscores the undeniable relevance and appeal of AI education in the modern era. As the demand for AI skills continues to soar, platforms like Coursera are at the forefront of providing accessible, innovative, and high-quality AI education to learners around the world.
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