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Smart Move: Samsung Picks Baidu’s Ernie AI for Galaxy S24 Series in China, Snubbing Google

TechSmart Move: Samsung Picks Baidu's Ernie AI for Galaxy S24 Series in China, Snubbing Google
In a significant strategic move, Samsung has announced its decision not to integrate its Galaxy AI features into the Galaxy S24 series for the Chinese market. Instead, the tech giant will be collaborating with Baidu, one of China’s leading tech companies, to utilize Baidu’s Ernie AI for the Chinese version of the Galaxy S24 series. This move serves as a conscious snub to Google as Samsung seeks to adapt to the unique tech landscape of China.

The Rationale Behind the Decision

The primary reason behind Samsung’s pivot towards Baidu’s Ernie AI over Google lies in Google’s limited presence in the Chinese market. This limitation has prompted Samsung to explore local alternatives for AI capabilities. Baidu’s Ernie AI, powered by Gemini foundational models, is poised to provide a range of advanced AI-based features tailored specifically for the Chinese audience, including real-time call translation, summarization, and text formatting.

Key Features of the Galaxy S24 for the Chinese Market

One of the noteworthy features expected to be included in the Galaxy S24 phones in China is a localized version of Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ functionality. The collaboration between Samsung and Baidu aims to enhance the Samsung Note Assistant, enabling seamless content translation and the summarization of lengthy information. This concerted effort underscores the significance of Ernie AI’s understanding and generation capabilities in catering to the specific needs of Chinese consumers.

The Power of Baidu's Ernie 4.0

Baidu unveiled the latest iteration of Ernie, Ernie 4.0, in October of the previous year, touting it as the most powerful version of the foundation model to date. Baidu’s CEO, Robin Li, emphasized the significant advancements of Ernie 4.0, positioning it as a competitor to OpenAI’s GPT-4. This latest version boasts multi-modal capabilities, allowing users to interact with the AI through both text and images in prompts and responses, thus expanding its utility and versatility.
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Implications and Industry Trends

The collaboration between Samsung and Baidu reflects a broader trend observed in the tech industry, where companies are increasingly customizing their offerings to align with the specific needs and regulatory environments of different regions. Despite the global prominence of the Galaxy S24 series and its ‘Galaxy AI’ features, Samsung’s adaptation to the Chinese market underscores the growing emphasis on tailoring technological advancements to cater to diverse consumer demographics and preferences.


In conclusion, Samsung’s decision to embrace Baidu’s Ernie AI over Google for the Galaxy S24 series in China represents a strategically calculated move to resonate with the tech requirements and preferences of the Chinese consumer base. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Ernie AI, Samsung aims to not only meet but exceed the expectations of Chinese users, offering a tailored and enriched user experience. This strategic shift also underscores the broader industry trend of tech companies adapting their products to suit the specific landscapes of various regions, emphasizing the pivotal role of localization in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem.
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