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SpaceX’s Commercial Space Station Flight Delayed for Thorough Pre-Launch Data Review

SpaceSpaceX's Commercial Space Station Flight Delayed for Thorough Pre-Launch Data Review
SpaceX recently called off the launch of its third commercial crew flight to the International Space Station in order to allow more time for pre-flight data reviews. This decision was announced as the flight’s four-man crew was preparing for launch on a two-week research mission aboard the orbital outpost. The delay was necessary to conduct a thorough analysis, and the liftoff was rescheduled for the following day, pending final review.

Reasons for the Delay

During a teleconference, Benji Reed, SpaceX‘s senior director of human spaceflight programs, discussed two recent issues that engineers were reviewing. These included concerns about the Crew Dragon parachute “energy modulator” straps and the torquing of connectors holding the Crew Dragon to the Falcon 9’s upper stage. An inspection of an unpiloted Cargo Dragon that recently returned to Earth from the space station revealed some issues with the folded, stitched-together straps holding the ship’s main parachutes in place during flight. Some of these straps had not performed as expected, which raised concerns.

Parachute Inspection and Adjustment

It was found that the suspect straps had a tendency to twist during installation, which may have contributed to the unstitching phenomenon. As a result, the parachutes in the Crew Dragon awaiting launch were inspected and adjusted to ensure no such twists are present. This meticulous attention to detail is vital to ensure the safety and success of the mission.

Replacement of Connectors

In addition to the parachute concerns, some connectors holding the Crew Dragon to the Falcon 9 had been torqued to slightly different levels than those specified. As a precautionary measure, these connectors were replaced to ensure that all components of the spacecraft are in optimal condition for the mission.
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Launch Readiness Review

Despite the delay, Reed emphasized that the launch readiness review process allows for a comprehensive assessment of all the data and finalization of preparations for the flight. The priority is to ensure the safety of the crew, and SpaceX is committed to launching only when everything is thoroughly reviewed and deemed ready.


The decision to delay the commercial space station flight demonstrates SpaceX’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety and thoroughness in its pre-launch preparations. By addressing and resolving concerns related to parachute performance and component torquing, the company is demonstrating its dedication to ensuring that every aspect of the mission is meticulously reviewed and optimized. This approach underscores the high standards of SpaceX in delivering safe and successful space missions, setting a benchmark for the commercial spaceflight industry.
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