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Judge Orders Liquidation of China Evergrande: What’s Next for the Troubled Company?

BusinessJudge Orders Liquidation of China Evergrande: What's Next for the Troubled Company?
The recent order for the liquidation of China Evergrande has sent ripples through the global financial market. With the company’s massive scale and significant debt, the aftermath of this decision is poised to have far-reaching implications. This article aims to unpack the latest developments and what the future holds for the troubled company.

What's the latest?

After the Hong Kong judge’s ruling to liquidate Evergrande, Alvarez & Marsal has been appointed to oversee the unwinding process. This move is intended to facilitate the recovery of funds for creditors, especially overseas investors. The priority is to retain and restructure as much of the business as possible, minimizing disruption while ensuring creditors’ interests are addressed. However, the cooperation of Evergrande’s executives is crucial in determining the remaining assets and their distribution to creditors. The involvement of a mainland China court may become necessary, highlighting the complexities that lie ahead. The decision-making process will undoubtedly be protracted, with various stakeholders vying for their interests.

Who's in charge of Evergrande now?

Alvarez & Marsal takes the reins, replacing the board of directors of China Evergrande Group. The involvement of the Chinese government looms over the process, given its control over foreign investors within China. The potential intervention by the authorities to protect domestic interests adds another layer of complexity to the situation. Taking over Evergrande’s myriad subsidiaries presents a formidable challenge, as local authorities and employees may resist such attempts.

What is Beijing’s stake in the fate of Evergrande?

Given the government’s significant influence in the real estate sector, the fate of Evergrande carries profound implications. Beijing’s actions to rein in the property boom subsequently led to a cascade of defaults among private real estate developers. The repercussions are felt by numerous home buyers who are now left in limbo. The government’s involvement in resolving this crisis is imperative, considering the scale of impact on the housing market and the economy at large.
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Why does this matter for a country the size of China?

The implications of Evergrande’s liquidation extend beyond the company itself. It serves as a litmus test for foreign investors in Chinese companies facing financial turmoil. Additionally, it tests China’s legal system and its adherence to the rule of law, particularly in Hong Kong. The stability and predictability of Hong Kong’s legal framework have long been pivotal for global financial transactions. The ongoing restructurings and liquidations of Chinese property companies further underscore the magnitude of this development.


The liquidation of China Evergrande marks a pivotal moment with ramifications that transcend the realms of business and finance. As the unwinding process unfolds, its implications will reverberate across global financial markets and the real estate sector. The delicate balance between safeguarding creditors’ interests, navigating legal complexities, and addressing the broader economic fallout will undoubtedly present considerable challenges. Ultimately, the long-term repercussions of this decision will unfold, shaping the future landscape of the Chinese property market and its interactions with global investors.
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