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Royal Style Icon Princess Anne’s Influence on Latest Fendi Menswear Collection

LifestyleRoyal Style Icon Princess Anne's Influence on Latest Fendi Menswear Collection
Princess Anne, known for her frugal and no-nonsense approach to fashion, has emerged as an unexpected style icon, serving as the source of inspiration for Fendi’s latest menswear collection. Italian fashion house Fendi, led by designer Silvia Venturini Fendi, found inspiration in the 73-year-old royal’s iconic appearance at the coronation, where she donned her Blues and Royals green velvet cloak, towering feathered hat, and an array of military sashes, badges, and stars.

The Inspiration and Collection

Venturini Fendi expressed her admiration for Princess Anne, dubbing her as “the most elegant woman in the world.” The sight of the princess in her traditional uniform at the coronation prompted the designer to channel this elegance into Fendi’s menswear collection. The autumn/winter 2024-25 collection, named Town and Country, is a reflection of traditional royal-wear, evoking the essence of a drizzly winter’s stroll across the Balmoral moorlands. The collection features oversized Barbour-style parkas, leather wellies, sou’wester rain hats, generously sized dark green sweaters, and an array of tartan skirts, skorts, and kilts.

Breaking Fashion Barriers

Venturini Fendi aimed to break the barriers of masculine and feminine codes, drawing inspiration from Princess Anne’s distinct style, which exudes a military-minded attitude while maintaining femininity. The designer admires the royal’s rigorous approach to dressing, coupled with a life outside the spotlight, making her an anti-fashion figure, which, in turn, embodies a sense of fashion and chicness.

Lifelong Garments and Princess Anne's Approach

The collection embraces the concept of creating “garments for life, not use and throw away,” mirroring Princess Anne’s philosophy towards fashion. The royal is renowned for re-wearing clothes at public events, exemplified by her blue fur-lined coat that has made periodic appearances since 1976. This sustainable and mindful approach resonates with Princess Anne’s own tendency to opt for enduring pieces over fleeting fashion trends.
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Princess Anne's Ethical Stance

During a visit to a textiles facility, Princess Anne expressed her disapproval of fast fashion, highlighting the environmental impact of discarded garments ending up in landfills. She advocated for the revival of skills in tailoring and dressmaking, emphasizing the need for materials that can endure the evolution of fashion, aligning with Fendi’s commitment to creating timeless and sustainable attire.


Princess Anne’s influence on Fendi’s menswear collection showcases the fusion of traditional royal aesthetics with a modern approach to sustainable and enduring fashion. Venturini Fendi’s admiration for the princess’s distinct style and ethical stance towards fashion has led to the creation of a collection that captures the essence of timeless elegance and conscientious dressing. As the latest menswear collection pays homage to Princess Anne’s iconic fashion choices, it symbolizes a transformative shift towards a more sustainable and enduring sartorial narrative.
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