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Rishi Sunak criticizes debate over women in football punditry as ‘ridiculous’

PoliticsRishi Sunak criticizes debate over women in football punditry as 'ridiculous'
The debate about whether women should work as football pundits has been a hot topic of discussion. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed his opinion on the matter, describing the debate as “ridiculous” and stating that the job should be “open to everybody”. This comes in the wake of former Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton’s controversial comments about Eni Aluko, which led to the ex-England forward receiving abuse and feeling genuinely scared.

Sunak's Stance

Speaking out on the issue, Sunak emphasized that the role of a football pundit should not be restricted by gender. He highlighted the importance of inclusivity and stressed that such opportunities should be open to everyone, irrespective of gender. Sunak also expressed his concern regarding the impact of the debate and the need to focus on the quality of commentating rather than engaging in such discussions.

Incendiary Comments

Barton’s comments comparing Eni Aluko and co-commentator Lucy Ward to notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West sparked outrage and drew widespread criticism. The incendiary nature of his remarks incited further abuse and garnered condemnation from various quarters, including ITV and sports minister Stuart Andrew.

Impact on Eni Aluko

The fallout from Barton’s remarks had a profound impact on Eni Aluko, who admitted to feeling frightened to leave her house following the ordeal. The distressing experience shed light on the repercussions of derogatory comments and underscored the need for a more respectful and inclusive environment within the realm of football punditry.

The Call for Quality and Inclusivity

Sunak’s remarks echo the sentiment that the focus should be on the quality of commentating rather than engaging in debates that serve to marginalize individuals. By emphasizing the need for inclusivity and decrying the divisive nature of the discourse, Sunak has underscored the importance of creating a welcoming and respectful environment for all individuals, regardless of gender.
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The Way Forward

The episode serves as a reminder of the challenges that women continue to face in traditionally male-dominated domains and the importance of fostering an environment that is free from discrimination and derogatory remarks. It also highlights the need for influential voices to advocate for inclusivity and underscore the value of diverse perspectives in football punditry.


In conclusion, Rishi Sunak’s unequivocal stance on the debate surrounding women in football punditry sends a powerful message about the need for inclusivity and respect in the industry. His call to shift the focus towards ensuring quality and the encouragement for young girls who aspire to pursue careers in football commentating resonates with the broader narrative of breaking barriers and promoting equal opportunities. As the discourse continues, there is a growing emphasis on fostering a culture that celebrates diversity and creates a platform where talent and passion take precedence over gender.
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