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Premium Economy Seat by Air France Takes Flight Experience to New Heights, Surpassing Even Emirates’ Award-Winning Option

TravelPremium Economy Seat by Air France Takes Flight Experience to New Heights, Surpassing Even Emirates' Award-Winning Option
Premium economy class has been revolutionizing the flying experience, with airlines competing to offer the best comfort and amenities to their passengers. Emirates has long been celebrated for its exceptional premium economy offering aboard the A380, earning the title of “World’s Best Premium Economy Seat” at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. However, Air France has thrown its hat in the ring with a new premium economy option that has left travelers and aviation enthusiasts equally impressed.

A Rival for the Crown: Air France Premium Economy

Respected YouTuber Nonstop Dan’s experience aboard an Air France A350 has been nothing short of astonishing. In his YouTube video, he emphasizes that Air France’s premium economy has exceeded his expectations and is on par with the renowned Emirates offering. His high praise for the Air France premium economy serves as a testament to the elevated standard of comfort and luxury that this class provides.

A Closer Look: The Air France Premium Economy

Dan’s detailed exploration of the Air France premium economy reveals a private and spacious cabin with ample legroom, ensuring a comfortable journey for travelers. While he notes a few maintenance issues with the A350, including faulty Wi-Fi and entertainment screens, his overall impression of the cabin’s aesthetics and comfort remains positive. The presence of amenities such as a comfortable headrest, bedding, and an amenity kit further enhances the premium experience offered by Air France.

Dining Delights and Disappointments

One area where Air France falls short, according to Dan, is in the realm of dining. While the airline’s vegan meal and fruit offerings receive accolades for their taste, the portion sizes and quality of some elements leave room for improvement. Nevertheless, the effort to cater to diverse dietary preferences is commendable, reflecting the airline’s commitment to meeting the needs of all passengers.

Emirates' Premium Economy Reign

Emirates’ A380 premium economy has set a benchmark in the industry, with its opulent amenities and business-class-like atmosphere. The accolades it has received, including the “World’s Best Premium Economy Seat” distinction, attest to its exceptional quality and passenger satisfaction. With a reputation for consistently delivering a superior flying experience, Emirates has undoubtedly raised the bar for premium economy offerings.
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The Showdown: Air France vs. Emirates

The introduction of Air France’s premium economy has sparked a thrilling rivalry with Emirates, challenging the latter’s dominance in this segment. Both airlines strive to provide passengers with a luxurious and comfortable journey, but their approaches to amenities, maintenance, and dining experiences differ. As travelers seek the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and value for money, the competition between Air France and Emirates promises to elevate the standards of premium economy even further.


The emergence of Air France’s premium economy as a formidable competitor to Emirates’ renowned offering signifies a new chapter in the evolution of air travel. As airlines relentlessly innovate to enhance the passenger experience, travelers stand to benefit from the heightened focus on luxury and comfort within the premium economy segment. Whether it’s the allure of Emirates’ award-winning option or the allure of Air France’s groundbreaking offering, the battle for supremacy in premium economy class is set to redefine the standards of air travel comfort and luxury.

The Ultimate Air France Premium Economy Review

If there is one thing that can make or break a flight, it’s the comfort and amenities offered in premium economy. Being able to stretch out and relax can make all the difference, but so can a high level of service and amenities. In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Air France premium economy experience, as told by Dan, a seasoned traveler, and aviation enthusiast.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dan, during his premium economy experience with Air France, pointed out some significant high and low points. He praised the beautiful cabin, comfortable seats, and excellent recline as high points, which are crucial factors for a pleasant flight. However, he expressed disappointment with the catering, citing tiny portions as the biggest letdown. Nevertheless, he was relieved that snacks were available, a rarity in premium economy. It’s important to consider what a passenger might need during a long flight, as it can greatly affect their overall experience. Having enough food and drink to keep them satisfied is a top priority, so his feedback on the catering makes a huge difference.
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Comparing the Competition

When comparing Air France’s premium economy to other airlines such as Emirates or Lufthansa, Dan provided valuable insights. Despite Lufthansa usually offering a cheaper product which, in his opinion, justifies a less satisfactory experience, Emirates, while pricier, outperforms Air France in certain aspects, particularly in food and inflight service. However, Dan made it clear that the additional cost of Emirates doesn’t justify the experience over Air France’s offering. This insightful comparison helps potential travelers understand how Air France’s premium economy experience stacks up against other competitors, enabling them to make an informed decision.

The Cost and Worth of the Experience

Dan disclosed that his premium economy seat with Air France would have originally cost $587 (£461), but he only paid 35,000 air miles plus €99 (£85/$107.84) in taxes. This information gives potential passengers an idea of what they might expect to pay for the experience. Dan’s candid thoughts about the value for money offer a valuable perspective, helping readers decide if this experience fits within their budget and meets their expectations.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

In conclusion, Dan expressed that he would fly in the seat again for flights under seven hours, emphasizing the value and comfort this option presents for shorter journeys. However, he indicated a preference for business class for longer flights due to potential feelings of restricted space. This serves as a helpful guideline for travelers, as they can gauge the suitability of Air France’s premium economy for different flight durations. To provide additional value, Dan’s review introduces readers to his YouTube series on premium economy, directing them to further content for an in-depth understanding of the experience. Overall, this comprehensive review equips readers with practical insights to help them make an informed decision when considering Air France premium economy for their next journey.
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