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Polar Vortex Paralyzes Southern Schools with Uncommon and Brutal Cold

EducationPolar Vortex Paralyzes Southern Schools with Uncommon and Brutal Cold
Southern schools, usually accustomed to mild winters, are facing a rare and severe cold weather event that has prompted closures across several states, affecting over half a million students. The closures are a result of the polar vortex, which has plunged temperatures to single digits and brought heavy snowstorms to the region.

Unprecedented Closures Across the South

The impact of the polar vortex has been felt across a wide swath of the South, with schools in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas announcing closures. The Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth school districts, serving over 400,000 students, were among those shuttered, highlighting the severity of the situation. Even cities that are used to harsh winters, such as Chicago, Detroit, and Denver, have had to close schools due to the extreme weather conditions.

Safety Concerns Prompt Closures

The decision to close schools was primarily driven by concerns for the safety of students and staff. With temperatures plummeting and heavy snow expected, the overall safety of children waiting outside for transportation or parents driving to school became a significant worry for school officials. Parents, such as Alli Echlin, expressed support for the closures, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being of children in such extreme weather conditions.

Chaos and Disruption for Families

The closures have disrupted work and child care plans for many parents, particularly coming right after the long weekend for Martin Luther King’s Birthday. This sudden disruption has brought back a familiar sense of chaos for families who previously struggled with educational disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic, further adding to the challenges faced by many households.
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Remote Learning and College Closures

In response to the adverse weather conditions, several districts in Alabama announced that they would hold classes remotely—a practice that has gained prevalence since the onset of the pandemic. Snowy weather and freezing temperatures have also forced colleges to close throughout the South, impacting academic activities at institutions such as Texas A&M University, the University of Arkansas, and Tennessee Tech University.

Impact on Parents and Working Families

The closures have placed a significant burden on working parents and families, particularly those with multiple children. The need to plan and make alternative arrangements on short notice has been a challenge, with some parents expressing their concerns on social media about the lack of appropriate clothing for their children and the safety of local roads.


The uncommon and brutal cold snap, attributed to the polar vortex, has led to widespread school closures across the Southern United States, impacting the lives of over half a million students and their families. The prioritization of safety and well-being has driven these closures, underscoring the unexpected challenges posed by extreme weather events. As the region continues to grapple with the effects of this cold snap, it is essential for communities and authorities to come together and support one another in navigating through this exceptional weather event.
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