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Passenger in Headlock: Ryanair Flight Forced to Divert After Rowdy Incident

World NewsPassenger in Headlock: Ryanair Flight Forced to Divert After Rowdy Incident
A disruptive incident on a Ryanair flight from Luton to Lanzarote led to a dramatic diversion to Portugal and the forcible removal of a rowdy passenger by local police.

Unacceptable Behavior Leads to Airborne Altercation

The disruptive behavior began when a group of inebriated passengers started bothering fellow travelers, particularly targeting female passengers. The situation escalated when a steward intervened and was knocked over in the process. Despite a warning from the captain over the intercom, the commotion persisted, prompting the decision to divert the flight to Portugal.

Violent Confrontation and Forceful Removal

A shocking video captured the moment when a passenger was grappled into a headlock and forcefully escorted off the plane by a dozen Portuguese police officers. The footage showed the man resisting the officers, ultimately leading to him being subdued and removed from the aircraft. Passengers, shaken by the disruptive incident, watched in astonishment as the dramatic altercation unfolded.

Public Outcry and Police Intervention

As the disruptive passenger was taken off the plane, onlookers applauded and cheered the police officers, expressing relief at the swift intervention to restore order. Separate video footage showed the man being led across the tarmac and ultimately being taken away in a police vehicle.

Aircraft Diversion and Ongoing Investigation

The Ryanair flight, initially bound for Lanzarote, was diverted to Faro in Portugal due to the altercation. While the local authorities in Portugal have not yet issued an official statement, the incident involved individuals of British nationality. The disruptive passengers and the altercation led to a delay in the flight’s schedule, but it eventually continued to its intended destination following the resolution of the disruptive behavior.
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Ryanair's Response and Resolution

In response to the incident, Ryanair issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused by the diversion and subsequent delay. The airline confirmed that the disruptive passengers were removed from the aircraft with the assistance of local police, allowing the flight to resume its journey after a brief interruption.


The alarming altercation on the Ryanair flight serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to behavioral guidelines and respecting the safety and comfort of fellow travelers. The swift intervention by the airline’s crew and local law enforcement highlights the commitment to maintaining a secure and orderly travel environment for all passengers.
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