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New Study Reveals Alarming Connection Between Air Pollution and Increased Dementia and Stroke Risk

EnvironmentNew Study Reveals Alarming Connection Between Air Pollution and Increased Dementia and Stroke Risk

## New Study Reveals Alarming Connection Between Air Pollution and Increased Dementia and Stroke Risk

Hey, have you heard about the latest research on air pollution’s impact on our brain health? It’s quite alarming, to say the least. UK researchers have been delving into the connection between air pollution and the increased risk of dementia and strokes. It’s a topic that affects so many people, with stroke being the second-leading cause of death globally and about 50 million people currently living with dementia, a figure expected to triple by 2050.

### Understanding the Study

So, here’s the lowdown. The study looked at the health of more than 413,000 individuals aged 40 to 69. What’s interesting is that none of the participants had dementia, cancer, or stroke at the beginning of the study. Over the course of 11 years, 6,484 people had a stroke, 3,813 developed dementia, and 376 had both. The researchers found a significant link between long-term air pollution exposure and the development of dementia and strokes.

### Eye-Opening Findings

One of the study team members, Prof Frank Kelly from Imperial College London, emphasized the importance of these findings. He pointed out that even at concentrations below the UK’s current air quality standards, the connection between air pollution and the onset of stroke and dementia is evident. This puts the spotlight on the need for stricter air quality measures.

### The Path Forward

The research doesn’t stop there. At the University of Manchester, Prof Gordon McFiggans and his team are taking things a step further. They’ve set up a unique facility to directly examine which air pollutants affect brain health. Volunteers, mostly over 50 with a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, are exposed to various mixtures of pollution, simulating concentrations found in urban smogs. The team then conducts brain tests before and after exposure, and even study the impact on lung cells.

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McFiggans hopes that their research will provide a solid foundation for guiding policies aimed at reducing and avoiding the harmful effects of air pollution.

### Conclusion

It’s crucial for policymakers and the public to be informed about these findings. The health effects of air pollution cannot be ignored, and with the right measures, we can work toward breathing cleaner air and possibly reducing the risk of such devastating illnesses.

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