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Lily Gladstone’s Historic Oscar Nomination and the Osage Community’s Key Role in Her Success

EntertainmentLily Gladstone's Historic Oscar Nomination and the Osage Community's Key Role in Her Success
Actress Lily Gladstone has made history by being the first Native American to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. This momentous achievement comes as a result of her spectacular performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” signalling a significant step forward in the representation of Native Americans in the film industry.

Osage County – A Significant Moment for Lily

Gladstone learned about the nomination while on a FaceTime call with her family in Osage County. She deliberately chose to share this moment with her family, considering the significance of the Osage nation’s story to her nomination.

A Member of the Blackfeet Nation

Belonging to the Blackfeet Nation, Gladstone’s achievement holds substantial importance in light of the limited number of Indigenous actresses previously nominated for the best actress category at the Oscars. She shared the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, and her portrayal of her character was deeply influenced by DiCaprio’s performance.

An Exciting Journey Ahead

The attention garnered by her nomination has opened doors to new opportunities and projects for Gladstone. Her mother, her companion at the Golden Globes, will also accompany her to the Academy Awards. The community and family support have been pivotal in Gladstone’s journey to this historic nomination, as she reminisced about being voted “most likely to win an Oscar” in high school. The heartwarming response from her drama class has reignited their bond, with plans to reunite and watch the Oscars at their old high school theater. The ripple effect of Gladstone’s achievement has sparked enthusiasm among her high school drama class, leading to plans for a reunion to witness the Oscars at their former high school theater.
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Lily Gladstone’s historic Oscar nomination marks an important chapter in the representation of Native Americans in the film industry. Her journey exemplifies the significance of community support, determination, and the impact of individual achievements in inspiring and uniting others.
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