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Lifesaving Covid Medicine Cuts Hospitalization and Death Risk by 89% for Over-85s and Heart Failure Patients

HealthLifesaving Covid Medicine Cuts Hospitalization and Death Risk by 89% for Over-85s and Heart Failure Patients
The recent development in the field of Covid treatment is set to bring hope to the most vulnerable individuals. An incredible breakthrough has been achieved with the introduction of a Covid treatment known as Paxlovid, which has been found to decrease the risk of hospitalization or death from the virus by a staggering 89%. This is especially good news for heart failure patients and individuals over the age of 85.

Extended Protection for Vulnerable Groups

Initially, the drug Paxlovid was reserved for those vulnerable patients who did not respond to the vaccines. These included individuals with blood cancers, kidney disease, and organ transplant recipients who were on immunosuppressive medications. However, the government is now planning to extend the availability of Paxlovid to provide an additional layer of protection to more individuals who are at a higher risk of severe outcomes after contracting Covid.

Understanding the Treatment

The treatment involves a combination of two existing antiviral drugs, nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. Its mode of action involves preventing the Covid virus from replicating and spreading within the body. Administered as soon as possible after a positive Covid test, the treatment consists of two pink nirmatrelvir tablets and one white ritonavir tablet, which are taken twice a day for five days.

Assisting in Symptom Reduction and Long Covid Prevention

Paxlovid has demonstrated its efficacy in reducing the duration of Covid symptoms by approximately one day. Furthermore, there are indications that it may also lower the likelihood of developing long Covid, a condition characterized by persistent Covid symptoms lasting for more than 12 weeks.
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Expanded Access to Treatment

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the NHS’s spending watchdog, is preparing to authorize access to Paxlovid for an additional 1.4 million people. This move is expected to increase the total number of individuals eligible for the treatment to over five million. Under the proposed plan, individuals over the age of 85, residents of care homes and aged over 70, those with serious heart disease, and individuals on the organ transplant waiting list will be able to receive Paxlovid.

Empowering Individuals to Take Action

Those eligible for Paxlovid will also have the option to obtain free lateral flow tests from local pharmacies. It is recommended that they conduct these tests as soon as they experience any Covid-like symptoms. If the results are positive, they should promptly seek advice from their GP, NHS 111, or hospital specialist.

Expert Opinion on Enhanced Protection

Professor Azeem Majeed, head of the department of primary care and public health at Imperial College London, has emphasized the significance of the government’s decision to make Paxlovid more widely available. He highlighted that individuals in high-risk categories can significantly reduce their chances of hospitalization or death by taking Paxlovid shortly after displaying Covid symptoms. In conclusion, the expansion of access to Paxlovid to a larger group of vulnerable individuals represents a significant step forward in the fight against Covid-19. By providing this life-saving treatment to those who are at the greatest risk, it is hoped that the impact of the virus can be minimized, ultimately saving lives and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.
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