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Investigation Launched into A.I. Robocalls Impersonating Biden in New Hampshire

TechInvestigation Launched into A.I. Robocalls Impersonating Biden in New Hampshire
The voters in New Hampshire received unlawful robocall messages over the weekend, with a voice that was likely artificially generated to impersonate President Biden. The messages urged the voters not to participate in the state’s primary election, prompting an investigation by the state attorney general’s office.

Deceptive Robocalls Designed to Suppress Votes

The fake recordings manipulated listeners by conveying that “your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.” Furthermore, these messages were engineered to appear as if they had been sent by an officer of a Democratic committee, a tactic aimed at sowing confusion and distrust among the electorate.

Consequences of the Unlawful Robocalls

The attorney general’s office emphasized that participation in the primary election does not disqualify voters from casting ballots in the general election in November. It condemned the robocalls as an unlawful attempt to disrupt the presidential primary election and suppress New Hampshire voters. Urging voters to disregard the content of the message entirely, the office firmly labeled the robocalls as an unacceptable and illegal interference in the democratic process.

Rising Concerns and Implications

Disinformation and political experts have expressed concerns regarding the potential prevalence of such deceptive audio, commonly referred to as deepfake technology, during the upcoming election season. This incident has raised alarms about the misuse of artificial intelligence to disseminate false information and manipulate public opinion.

Legislative Response and Regulatory Measures

In response to the growing threat, lawmakers are hastily drafting bills to regulate political content produced by artificial intelligence. The urgency of this issue is reflected in the need to safeguard the democratic process from malicious exploitation and manipulation. The current absence of regulatory frameworks leaves the door open for further attempts to subvert the integrity of elections through deceptive technologies.
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Serious Implications for Democratic Systems

The implications of the unlawful robocalls and the misuse of deepfake technology extend far beyond a single incident. If left unchecked, such tactics have the potential to erode public trust and confidence in the electoral process, thereby undermining the fundamental principles of democracy.

The Urgency of Protective Measures

The urgent need for policymakers to implement protections against such illicit activities has been highlighted by experts and organizations. Failure to address this issue could lead to electoral chaos, jeopardizing the foundation of democratic governance.

Call for Accountability and Consequences

In light of the recent unlawful robocall incident in New Hampshire, it is imperative to hold those responsible for such acts of electoral manipulation accountable. Addressing and penalizing these tactics is crucial in deterring future attempts to undermine the democratic rights of citizens.


The proliferation of deceptive audio, in the form of deepfake technology, poses a significant threat to the integrity of democratic processes. The incident involving A.I. robocalls impersonating President Biden in New Hampshire is a stark reminder of the potential for technology to be exploited for nefarious purposes. In order to uphold the principles of democracy, it is essential for regulatory measures to be put in place to curb the misuse of artificial intelligence in the political arena. The urgency of safeguarding the electoral system against such manipulative tactics cannot be overstated, and concerted efforts are required to protect the democratic rights of citizens from unlawful interference.
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