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Introducing iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus: A Look at Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s Innovative Plan Options

FinanceIntroducing iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus: A Look at Canara HSBC Life Insurance's Innovative Plan Options
Canara HSBC Life Insurance recently unveiled its innovative insurance plan, iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus, to provide individuals with comprehensive life coverage and guaranteed benefits. This plan is designed to offer financial security, stability, and peace of mind to policyholders at different stages of life.

Comprehensive Financial Security

The iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus plan is equipped with a range of essential features to serve as a safety net for policyholders and their families, ensuring financial security during uncertain times. With a 100% guarantee of benefits, the plan instills confidence in achieving financial goals and objectives. Additionally, it allows policyholders to build a financial reserve for significant milestones such as marriage, retirement, and child education, offering guaranteed lump-sum benefits at the end of the policy term. Moreover, the option to receive total premiums paid upon maturity provides an extra layer of assurance, guaranteeing a tangible financial return on investment.

Customized Coverage for Diverse Needs

This innovative plan offers optional benefits, empowering individuals to customize their coverage based on specific needs and preferences. The flexibility of the iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus plan caters to a wide range of financial requirements, reinforcing the idea of tailored insurance solutions.

Plan Options for Varied Goals

iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus provides individuals with the flexibility to choose from a range of plan options, each tailored to meet specific financial goals. The Endowment Option enables policyholders to accumulate a lump sum, ensuring financial assistance for crucial milestones such as marriage, retirement, and education, with guaranteed benefits after the policy term. On the other hand, the Regular Income Option empowers individuals to create a steady income stream post the premium payment term, catering to daily expenses and providing a guaranteed lump sum at the policy’s conclusion for future goals.
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Meanwhile, the Long-Term Income with Return of Premium Option offers the assurance of a guaranteed income over an extended period, addressing day-to-day expenses and providing the added benefit of premium return upon maturity. For those in immediate need of financial assistance, the Early Income Option guarantees income from the second policy year, effectively addressing liquidity concerns and day-to-day expenses. The choice of plan option can be made at policy inception, with benefits varying based on the selected plan option and premium.

Enhanced Security through Optional Benefits

Furthermore, the iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus plan enhances security through two optional benefits. The Payor Premium Protection Cover ensures the waiver of all future premiums if the policyholder passes away at any time during the policy term, providing added financial safeguarding. Additionally, the Accidental Death Benefit provides an extra layer of protection by granting an additional payout equal to the sum assured in the event of accidental death.


In conclusion, the introduction of iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus by Canara HSBC Life Insurance marks a significant step towards providing individuals with guaranteed returns and comprehensive financial stability through tailor-made insurance solutions. This innovative plan not only ensures financial security and stability but also empowers policyholders to achieve their long-term financial objectives with confidence and peace of mind. With its customizable options and optional benefits, iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus stands out as a reliable and flexible insurance solution for individuals at various life stages. Whether you are planning for significant life milestones or seeking added protection and financial stability, iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet your insurance needs, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
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