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Elvis Tribute Acts Embrace the Hologram Presley: A New Era for the King of Rock & Roll

TechElvis Tribute Acts Embrace the Hologram Presley: A New Era for the King of Rock & Roll

Every year for over two decades, Elvis Presley tribute acts have congregated at the European Elvis Championships to compete for the coveted title of the king of rock’n’roll. However, this year’s event in Birmingham witnessed a different buzz surrounding hologram Elvis, set to make its debut in an “immersive concert experience” in London in November. The announcement of the hologram Elvis has sparked excitement and discussion among the Presley mega-fans, with many expressing their anticipation for this groundbreaking development.

The Impact on Tribute Acts

Contrary to concerns of the hologram Elvis stealing the limelight from live tribute acts, many performers view it as a positive development. Kev Wright, a seasoned Elvis act performer, expressed his optimism about the hologram, stating that it introduces Elvis to a new generation, potentially garnering support for live tribute acts. The prospect of experiencing a lifelike digital recreation of Elvis is particularly significant for fans who were unable to witness his live performances due to his untimely demise.

The Growing Appeal Among Younger Generations

Elvis Tribute Acts (ETAs) participating in the championships noted the increasing interest from younger individuals, attributed in part to the 2022 film, “Elvis”, and the hologram concert is expected to further amplify this appeal. Charlie Harper, a 21-year-old Elvis tribute performer, shared his observations about the influx of younger enthusiasts joining the tribute scene. He emphasized the role of mentorship in welcoming and guiding aspiring performers, highlighting the expanding reach of Elvis’s music among the youth.

Coexistence of Live Acts and Hologram Elvis

Despite the allure of the holographic experience, it is acknowledged that not everyone may have the means to attend such performances. Harper emphasized the enduring popularity and distinctiveness of live tribute artists, emphasizing the vitality of their contributions to keeping Elvis’s legacy alive. Tracy Lee, a devoted Elvis fan, emphasized the emotional significance of physically encountering a holographic Elvis, while affirming the irreplaceable attraction of live interactions with tribute artists.

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Assurance for the Future

The anticipation surrounding hologram Elvis has not overshadowed the dedication of live Elvis tribute performers. Despite competing against counterparts from across the continent, the commitment to preserving Elvis’s legacy remains unwavering among ETAs. For these performers and their audiences, sustaining the legacy of Elvis Presley emerges as a prevailing priority, ensuring that future generations continue to appreciate and celebrate his music.

Reflections from Newcomers

Tony Mclennan, a relatively new addition to the tribute circuit, expressed his conviction that the introduction of hologram Elvis does not diminish the value of live showcases. Emphasizing the cheerfulness and joyfulness that tribute acts bring to audiences, Mclennan conveyed optimism about the enduring significance of live performances and the ongoing legacy that Elvis represents.


The emergence of hologram Elvis has sparked conversations and anticipation within the Elvis tribute community. While heralding a new era in experiencing the music of the King of Rock & Roll, the holographic representation coexists with the dedicated live performances of Elvis tribute acts. The commitment to preserving and promoting Elvis’s legacy remains paramount, ensuring the perpetuation of his influence across diverse generations and audiences.

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