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Cost of Fixing Horizon Bugs Deemed Too High, Reveals Post Office Inquiry into Scandal

BusinessCost of Fixing Horizon Bugs Deemed Too High, Reveals Post Office Inquiry into Scandal
The recent Post Office inquiry into the scandal has revealed shocking information about the Horizon IT system. A Fujitsu software developer disclosed that the company did not address the bugs in the Horizon IT system properly due to the high cost and time involved. This revelation sheds light on the serious consequences of overlooking technical issues for the sake of financial considerations.

Faults in the Horizon IT System

The faults in Fujitsu’s Horizon IT system led to severe repercussions, as more than 900 post office operators were wrongfully pursued and prosecuted for theft, fraud, and false accounting. This has been described as one of the most widespread miscarriages of justice in UK history. The software developer, Gerald Barnes, who has been with Fujitsu since 1998, highlighted significant deficiencies in the product, code, and design of the software when it was initially being implemented.

Silent Failures and Glitches

One of the critical issues with the system was the occurrence of “silent failures,” where the system did not alert post office operators to potential problems. This lack of transparency in system errors caused significant challenges for the operators, leading to balancing issues and other discrepancies. Despite the existence of these issues, Fujitsu hesitated to address them promptly, citing their rarity and the high costs associated with comprehensive rewrites of error handling.

Impact on Subpostmasters

The consequences of these technical shortcomings were far-reaching, as subpostmasters were wrongfully prosecuted due to the silent failures and glitches in the Horizon IT system. These issues not only resulted in financial inaccuracies but also led to the unjust treatment of individuals who were unfairly implicated in criminal activities.
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Ethical and Financial Considerations

The testimonies from the software developer underscore the ethical and financial considerations that influenced the decision-making process within Fujitsu. The reluctance to invest in comprehensive solutions due to the perceived high costs raises questions about the company’s commitment to ensuring the integrity and reliability of its IT systems.

Legal and Public Scrutiny

The Post Office scandal has garnered significant public attention, especially with the inquiry and a recent ITV drama highlighting the extent of the injustices perpetrated. The involvement of UK business minister, Kemi Badenoch, in demanding talks with Fujitsu regarding compensation for the victims further emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability.

Addressing Technical Shortcomings

Despite the challenges and complexities associated with addressing technical issues, especially in legacy systems, it is imperative for organizations to prioritize the integrity and functionality of their IT systems. The implications of neglecting these fundamental responsibilities can have sweeping ramifications, as evidenced by the Post Office scandal.


The revelation that the cost of fixing the Horizon bugs was deemed too high highlights the intricate dynamics between technical considerations and financial constraints. It reinforces the importance of prioritizing ethical and functional integrity in the development and maintenance of IT systems, especially those that have far-reaching implications for individuals and organizations. The insights from the Post Office inquiry serve as a stark reminder of the repercussions of overlooking technical shortcomings and the imperative to uphold accountability and diligence in addressing such issues.
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