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Amazon Slashes Jobs at Studios and Twitch in Major Overhaul

TechAmazon Slashes Jobs at Studios and Twitch in Major Overhaul
Amazon’s recent decision to downsize its studio division and subsidiary Twitch has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. The move is part of a larger restructuring effort to trim costs and refocus investments on high-impact products. Let’s delve into the details and implications of this significant overhaul.

Amazon's Job Cut Strategy

In a bid to recuperate from overexpansion during the pandemic, Amazon has embarked on a series of job cuts, with the latest wave impacting its studio division and Twitch. The tech giant is streamlining its operations to prioritize long-term business success while aligning with customer needs. The decision comes amid a challenging period for tech companies, grappling with economic uncertainties and evolving consumer behaviors.

Impact on Twitch and Studios

Twitch, the popular video streaming platform, is set to reduce its workforce by approximately 35%, equating to over 500 roles. Similarly, Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios will witness significant job eliminations. While Amazon remains tight-lipped about specific figures, the magnitude of the layoffs underscores the company’s concerted effort to realign its resources.

Tech Industry Trends

Amazon’s workforce reduction echoes a broader trend in the tech sector. Notably, Xerox and Unity Software have recently announced substantial job cuts, reflecting the prevalent challenges faced by tech companies. These developments reflect the ongoing shifts in consumer habits and economic landscapes, prompting organizations to recalibrate their strategies.

Strategic Investments in Streaming

Having invested significantly in building its streaming portfolio, including the acquisition of MGM Studio for $8.5 billion in 2022, Amazon views streaming as a pivotal component of its Prime offerings. The company’s foray into streaming also encompasses its acquisition of Twitch a decade ago. Despite these investments, Amazon has been compelled to confront the reality of rightsizing its workforce to better align with its business scale.
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Challenges in the Gaming Industry

The impact of the workforce reduction at Amazon extends to the gaming industry, where over 9,000 individuals were affected by layoffs in 2023. This upheaval has reverberated across major industry players, including Epic Games and Microsoft’s Xbox, underscoring the widespread nature of the reshaping occurring within the gaming sector.

Leadership Insights

Amid the restructuring, key leaders within Amazon and Twitch have emphasized the need to ensure sustainable support for streamers and prioritize the long-term viability of their platforms. This sentiment underpins the strategic imperative to right-size their organizations to foster sustainable growth and operational efficiency.


Amazon’s decision to slash jobs at its studios and Twitch signals a pivotal moment in the tech industry’s evolution. The push towards realignment and recalibration underscores the need for adaptability and responsiveness in navigating the ever-changing technological landscape. As Amazon and its subsidiaries chart a new course, the industry at large remains poised to witness further transformations as companies seek to optimize their operations and thrive in a dynamic environment.
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