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Air New Zealand Tops List of 25 Safest Airlines for 2024, British Airways Comes in 15th

TravelAir New Zealand Tops List of 25 Safest Airlines for 2024, British Airways Comes in 15th
Air New Zealand has been named the safest airline in the world for 2024, overtaking last year’s number one, Qantas, according to analysis conducted by the Australian-based company, AirlineRatings.com. This annual assessment involves scrutinizing the flight records of 385 carriers, in addition to conducting audits from aviation governing bodies, and evaluating safety initiatives, pilot training, and fleet age, among other factors. ###

Criteria Considered for Ranking

AirlineRatings.com’s assessment encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of various parameters, such as crash and serious incident records, safety initiatives, pilot training, and fleet age. The airlines are ranked based on these factors, and the top 25 safest full-service airlines for 2024 include Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and others. ###

Shift in Rankings

The recent ranking places Air New Zealand at the top spot, closely followed by Qantas, marking a change from the previous year. Notably, British Airways has climbed two spots from the previous year to secure the 15th position on the list. ###

Top American Carriers

Alaska Airlines has been ranked at number 10, emerging as the highest-ranked American carrier. This ranking was determined prior to the January 5 flight 1282 door blowout. Other notable American carriers featuring on the list include Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, highlighting a strong showing for the USA in the global safety rankings. ###

Editorial Insights

Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas of AirlineRatings.com lauded Air New Zealand for its unwavering commitment to safety, emphasizing the airline’s exceptional performance across various safety parameters. Thomas also emphasized the marginal differences in safety standards among the top 25 airlines, highlighting their exemplary commitment to safety, innovation, and the introduction of new aircraft.
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Historical Accolades

The competitive landscape for the world’s safest airline has often seen Air New Zealand and Qantas vying for the top position, with Air New Zealand previously being named the safest carrier in 2022, and Qantas securing the accolade in both 2021 and 2023. Remarkably, Air New Zealand has been recognized as the world’s safest airline seven times since 2013, further underlining its consistent commitment to safety. ###

Challenges and Acknowledgments

Acknowledging the unique challenges posed by the New Zealand landscape, particularly in terms of demanding weather conditions for pilots, the recognition of Air New Zealand’s safety prowess was amplified. For instance, Wellington Airport has been frequently identified as one of the windiest airports globally, underscoring the navigation challenges faced by airlines operating in the region. ###


In the dynamic and safety-centric aviation industry, the annual rankings published by AirlineRatings.com serve as a key reference point for passengers and industry stakeholders alike. With a rigorous assessment process yielding the latest safety standings, Air New Zealand’s ascent to the top spot, alongside the commendable performances of other global and American carriers, underscores the paramount importance placed on safety within the aviation sector.

Top 20 Safest Low-Cost Airlines to Consider for Travel in 2024

When it comes to choosing an airline for your travel needs, safety is undoubtedly one of the top priorities. AirlineRatings.com recently unveiled its list of the 20 safest low-cost carriers for the year 2024, providing valuable insights for passengers who prioritize safety without compromising affordability and convenience.

Leading the Pack

Claiming the top position on the list is Jetstar, an Australian budget airline known for its commitment to passenger safety. Following closely behind is the renowned British carrier, EasyJet, securing the second spot. Meanwhile, Ryanair, the Irish low-cost airline, takes the third position on this prestigious roster of safe carriers.
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Exemplary Safety Culture

The significance of the list goes beyond mere rankings. Each airline featured is lauded for fostering an exemplary safety culture and maintaining a low incident rate, as emphasized by the spokesperson from AirlineRatings.com. These critical aspects contribute to establishing these carriers as reliable choices for safety-conscious travelers.

Holistic Safety Assessment

In crafting these rankings, AirlineRatings.com meticulously evaluates various safety factors to provide comprehensive insights. Notably, the assessment is driven by the commitment to consider not just the airline’s safety protocols and procedures but also its resilience in dealing with unavoidable external factors such as bird strikes, turbulence injuries, weather diversions, and lightning strikes. By accounting for these elements, the evaluation offers a holistic perspective on the safety standards exercised by each low-cost carrier.

Dealing with Incidents

Addressing the inherent complexities associated with aviation incidents, the spokesperson from AirlineRatings.com underscored the inevitability of daily occurrences in the industry. Moreover, the emphasis was placed on distinguishing between incidents stemming from aircraft or engine manufacture issues and those arising from operational shortcomings of the airlines. Crucially, the spokesperson articulated that the response of the flight crew during these critical incidents serves as a pivotal determinant of an airline’s safety efficacy. Conclusion: In the quest for selecting a safe and reliable low-cost carrier for upcoming travels in 2024, referring to the meticulously curated roster by AirlineRatings.com can undoubtedly assist in making an informed decision. By prioritizing safety while considering budgetary constraints, passengers can find reassurance in the top 20 safest low-cost airlines, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience.
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