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Sexpert harnesses AI to make men last seven times longer in bed

ScienceSexpert harnesses AI to make men last seven times longer in bed
Artificial intelligence has transformed various aspects of our lives, from simplifying work processes to aiding in academic success. However, the latest innovation is taking AI into the bedroom, specifically to assist those dealing with premature ejaculation. Patricia Lopez, the founder of MyHixel, introduces a groundbreaking solution to help up to 30% of adult men who suffer from premature ejaculation, allowing them to enhance endurance by up to seven-fold.

Introducing MyHixel: A Game-Changer in Sexual Wellness

MyHixel offers a unique approach to addressing male sexual wellness concerns through a fleshlight sex toy accompanied by a dedicated app. Unlike conventional men’s sex toys, MyHixel is designed with a focus on sexual wellness, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution.

Understanding the Functionality

The MyHixel Control app and device are specifically tailored to train men to overcome premature ejaculation. This innovative solution is equally effective for men with primary premature ejaculation and those seeking to improve their sexual technique. The program effectively educates and empowers men to comprehend and control the mechanisms involved in the ejaculation process.

Challenging Stigma and Fostering Education

Lopez observed a notable disparity in the way women openly discuss sexual problems compared to men, which inspired her to bridge the gap in men’s sexual wellness solutions. Understanding that men are often hesitant to seek professional help or discuss their concerns, MyHixel aims to normalize conversations around sexual health among men and provide effective solutions.

The Science Behind MyHixel

The development of MyHixel involved collaboration with medical professionals and sex therapists to ensure its efficacy in addressing premature ejaculation. In fact, the device has undergone three clinical trials, the results of which have been published in scientific journals, including the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
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Personalized Cognitive Therapy

One of the key components of the MyHixel solution is the video-based cognitive therapy embedded within the app. This progressive therapy utilizes machine learning and AI to personalize the ‘lessons’ according to each user’s needs, ensuring a tailored and effective approach.

Empowering Men to Take Control

Men using the MyHixel device and app have demonstrated significant improvements in their endurance, with some managing to prolong their duration by up to seven times. Through consistent engagement with the program, users have progressed from an average starting time of three minutes to lasting 10 to 11 minutes by the program’s completion.

Holistic Approach to Sexual Wellbeing

In addition to its core functionality, MyHixel also offers nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness plans developed by sexual health experts, providing users with a comprehensive approach to improving sexual performance and overall well-being.

From Vision to Reality: The Journey of MyHixel

Patricia Lopez’s journey in the development of MyHixel stemmed from her observations of the lack of male-focused products in the sexual wellness industry. Recognizing the need for a shift towards a health and wellness approach, she embarked on a mission to create a solution tailored to men’s sexual well-being.

Driving Education and Empowerment

Implementing a gamified, online program, MyHixel goes beyond providing physical devices by offering educational content and video tutorials. This approach aims to educate men about anatomy and empower them to overcome challenges, ultimately allowing them to take control of their bodies and minds.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, MyHixel is actively working on a new product targeted at addressing erectile dysfunction, further extending its commitment to revolutionizing men’s sexual wellness.
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In conclusion, MyHixel’s innovative approach to men’s sexual wellness, leveraging AI technology and a comprehensive program, has underscored the significance of transforming the narrative around male sexual health. By challenging taboos, fostering education, and offering effective solutions, MyHixel has redefined the landscape of sexual wellness for men, empowering them to take control of their sexual well-being.
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