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Modi and Hasina: A tale of mutual congratulations and praise after Bangladesh election victory

Top NewsModi and Hasina: A tale of mutual congratulations and praise after Bangladesh election victory
The recent national elections in Bangladesh culminated with the triumph of the incumbent Prime Minister and leader of the Awami League, Sheikh Hasina, securing her fifth term in office. The election was marked by the absence of several opposition parties, who opted to boycott the voting due to concerns over the assurance of a fair and free electoral process. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his congratulations to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the people of Bangladesh for the successful conduct of the elections. He emphasized the commitment to strengthen the enduring and people-centric partnership with Bangladesh. In response, Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude towards India, acknowledging its pivotal support during critical junctures in Bangladesh’s history.

India's Support and Bangladesh's Gratitude

During a press conference at her residence in Dhaka, Sheikh Hasina underscored India’s role as a great friend of Bangladesh. She highlighted India’s support during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 and the subsequent challenges faced by the nation in 1975. The Prime Minister emphasized the enduring friendship between the two countries and reiterated the significance of India as a key ally. Sheikh Hasina also emphasized the focus on economic progress and the commitment to fulfilling the work initiated in her previous terms. She reaffirmed the dedication to serve the citizens of Bangladesh while upholding the responsibility entrusted to her by the electorate. Her re-election for a fifth term despite the boycott by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia signifies the confidence of the people in her leadership.

Bolstering Bilateral Relations

The exchange of congratulations and praise between the leaders of India and Bangladesh signifies the strength of the bilateral relationship. The affirmation of commitment to strengthen the partnership and mutual respect demonstrates the shared values and historical ties between the two nations.
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Building on Historical Ties for the Future

The acknowledgement of India’s support during critical junctures in Bangladesh’s history serves as a testament to the enduring friendship and cooperation between the two countries. The mutual acknowledgment of the historical significance of the relationship signifies the foundation for future collaboration and growth.


The recent exchange of mutual congratulations and praise between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina underscores the depth of the strong and enduring partnership between India and Bangladesh. The commitment to further strengthen bilateral relations and the mutual recognition of historical ties set the stage for continued collaboration and shared prosperity between the two nations.

The Significant Role of PM Modi in Bangladesh's Election Victory

The recent victory of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the national elections has been a cause for celebration and recognition not just within her own country, but also on an international scale. It is important to acknowledge the pivotal role played by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in extending his congratulations to Sheikh Hasina and his recognition of India’s significant part in her win. This article will delve into the depth of this relationship and explore the impact of India’s involvement in Bangladesh’s recent electoral success.

A Closer Look at the Election Win

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s victory in Bangladesh’s national elections has garnered attention not only for the outcome itself, but also for the recognition it has received from global leaders. The significance of this win goes beyond the boundaries of Bangladesh, with India playing a vital role in acknowledging and lauding the success.

PM Modi's Congratulations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s congratulatory message to Sheikh Hasina highlights the warmth and strength of the relationship between the two neighboring countries. His acknowledgment of India’s pivotal role in Sheikh Hasina’s election victory further emphasizes the deep-rooted ties and collaborative efforts between India and Bangladesh.
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India's Pivotal Role

The acknowledgment of India’s pivotal role in Bangladesh’s election win signifies a strategic and supportive relationship that goes beyond diplomatic niceties. It reflects the tangible impact of India’s engagement in the region, demonstrating a commitment to fostering stability and prosperity in Bangladesh.

Strategic Partnerships

The relationship between India and Bangladesh extends beyond mere diplomatic gestures, representing a strategic partnership that encompasses trade, security, and regional stability. India’s proactive role in supporting Sheikh Hasina’s leadership and Bangladesh’s development showcases a nuanced approach to regional engagement and cooperation.

Impact on Bilateral Relations

The recognition of India’s pivotal role in Bangladesh’s election victory holds broader implications for bilateral relations between the two countries. It underscores the significance of mutual respect, collaboration, and shared interests, laying a strong foundation for continued cooperation and strategic alignment.

Regional Stability and Prosperity

India’s engagement with Bangladesh’s electoral dynamics and the subsequent acknowledgment of its role in the victory underscores a broader commitment to regional stability and prosperity. It reflects a proactive approach to strengthening ties with neighboring nations and contributing to the overall development and progress of the region.


The recognition of India’s pivotal role in Bangladesh’s election victory by Prime Minister Narendra Modi serves as a testament to the enduring partnership and strategic cooperation between the two countries. It emphasizes the depth of their relationship, the impact of collaborative efforts, and the shared commitment to regional stability and prosperity. This acknowledgement holds promise for future collaborations and paves the way for continued engagement, mutual respect, and shared success between India and Bangladesh.
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