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Maine Official Behind Trump Ballot Removal Targeted in Swatting Attack at Home

Top NewsMaine Official Behind Trump Ballot Removal Targeted in Swatting Attack at Home
The recent swatting attack on Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows has drawn attention after she made the decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause. The fake emergency call to police resulted in officers responding to her home, marking her as the latest target of swatting, a dangerous prank that aims to provoke a large first responder presence at a residence. Bellows was not at home during the incident, and fortunately, responding officers found nothing suspicious. However, the motivation behind this alarming attack was believed to be connected to her decision regarding Trump‘s ballot status.

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The swatting attempt occurred after Bellows’ home address was shared on social media by a conservative activist. She expressed that this act was done with malicious intent, creating a threatening environment for her, her family, and her office. An unknown man made a call to emergency services, falsely claiming to have broken into a house in Manchester, using Bellows’ home address. Despite Bellows and her husband being away for the holiday weekend, Maine State Police responded to the swatting call. Subsequently, police conducted a thorough investigation which revealed that there was no threat present, but the incident continues to be under investigation.

The Intimidation Continues

Despite the swatting incident, Bellows remained resolute and undeterred. She emphasized that the attempted intimidation tactics would not affect her dedication to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. However, the intimidation extended beyond the swatting incident, as Bellows, her family, and her office workers received threats after her decision to remove Trump from the ballot. Furthermore, at least one Republican lawmaker in Maine expressed the intent to pursue impeachment against her, underscoring the stark divisions and tensions arising from the decision.
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Dehumanizing Threats and the Importance of Discourse

Bellows detailed the alarming extent of the threats, including dehumanizing images and fake text threads attributed to her. As someone with a background in civil rights, she highlighted the dangers of dehumanizing individuals, emphasizing its role in fostering an environment that incites attacks and violence. Despite the challenging circumstances, Bellows urged for the de-escalation of rhetoric, addressing the importance of civil discourse and the ability to disagree on important issues without resorting to violence. She emphasized the strong tradition of respectful disagreement in Maine, calling for a return to the values that underpin the democratic process.

Ongoing Legal Battle

The decision to remove Trump from the ballot has generated significant legal discussions, with the Trump campaign intending to appeal Bellows’ ruling to Maine’s state courts. Bellows, in turn, opted to suspend her decision until the court system reaches a verdict on the case. Notably, the Colorado Supreme Court had earlier made a similar decision to remove Trump from the state’s ballot, pending a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the application of the insurrection clause, a provision from the Civil War era.


The targeting of an elected official through swatting is a deeply concerning reflection of the heightened tensions in the current political climate. Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ unwavering commitment to upholding the Constitution despite intimidation and threats stands as a testament to the resilience required in public service. Moreover, her call for respectful discourse and the preservation of democratic values resonates as a reminder of the importance of maintaining civility in political disagreements. Ultimately, the swatting incident serves as a stark example of the challenges that officials like Bellows face in the modern landscape of American politics.
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Source: www.cnbc.com
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