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iPhone Worries Mount as Apple Faces Second Downgrade in a Week

BusinessiPhone Worries Mount as Apple Faces Second Downgrade in a Week

**The Future of Apple Inc. and the Concerns Over iPhone Sales**

Apple Inc. has been facing increased worries on Wall Street, particularly concerning the performance of its flagship product, the iPhone. The company’s shares have seen a second downgrade within a single week, deepening analysts’ cautious stance on the tech giant.

**Market Concerns and Downgrades**

Piper Sandler & Co.’s Harsh Kumar expressed apprehensions about the state of iPhone inventories, attributing the situation to a weakening macro environment in China that could potentially impact demand. This led to Kumar lowering his rating for Apple from overweight to neutral, mirroring a shift in his bullish view since March 2020. He cited concerns regarding the peaking growth rates for unit sales, underlining the challenges ahead for the company.

Joining in on the downbeat sentiment, analysts at Barclays Plc, led by Tim Long, delivered a more pessimistic outlook by downgrading their rating to underweight. These developments have added to the existing reservations among market analysts and investors.

**Market Performance and Wall Street Sentiment**

Apple’s standing as the least favored among major tech stocks has been further solidified by these recent downgrades. As the company entered 2024, it already held the lowest number of bullish recommendations in comparison to its peers. Piper Sandler’s recent shift only exacerbates this situation, emphasizing a three-year low in the percentage of analysts bullish on the company.

The financial performance of Apple has also been subject to scrutiny, as it is the only significant tech player to have experienced a contraction in revenues for the past four quarters. Market expectations peg revenue growth at a modest 3.6% and a profit expansion of 7.9% for fiscal 2024, based on analyst estimates. These figures underline the challenges faced by the company in reigniting growth and maintaining profitability.

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The stock, which exhibited a substantial rally of almost 50% in the previous year, has faced a tumultuous start to 2024, experiencing a 4.3% decline and a subsequent loss of close to $130 billion in market value. This trend places the shares in close proximity to the oversold territory, signaling a potential further decline in the coming sessions.

**Comparative Analysis and Outlook**

In a landscape marked by largely optimistic sentiments toward major tech companies, Apple stands out for its subdued reception. The stock has garnered only 33 buy-equivalent recommendations, a stark contrast to the 68 for Amazon.com Inc., 66 for Meta Platforms Inc., and 59 for Nvidia Corp. This disparity underscores the prevailing reluctance among analysts and investors when it comes to Apple’s outlook.

In conclusion, the mounting concerns over iPhone sales and the subsequent downgrades have underscored the complex landscape facing Apple Inc. as it navigates challenges in the market. The company’s ability to address the inventory issues, reignite growth, and regain market confidence will be crucial in determining its trajectory in the months ahead.

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