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Four shepherds in Spain embrace sustainable living: Living off the land and finding fulfillment in farming

EnvironmentFour shepherds in Spain embrace sustainable living: Living off the land and finding fulfillment in farming
The story of the four shepherds in Spain who are embracing sustainable living is a testament to the allure of a simple life and the fulfillment found in farming. The tiny hamlet of Morillo de Sampietro stands as a backdrop to their journey, where they have chosen to make their home in the Spanish Pyrenees. Their decision to embrace a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle is not just a personal choice but also a larger statement about living in harmony with the environment.

A New Beginning in Morillo de Sampietro

The four shepherds, Jesús Huertas, Aina Solana, Agustín Sesé, and Sara Rosado, have come together in Morillo, each with their unique backgrounds and stories. Having turned their backs on city life, they now live rent-free in the hamlet, committed to reviving the land and embracing a life closely intertwined with nature. Their vision is rooted in the simplicity of sustainable living, where they aim to create a meaningful existence from the land they tend to.

Sustainable Farming and Cheese Production

One of the central pillars of their sustainable lifestyle is their flock of sheep and goats, which provides them with the opportunity to produce cheese. The shepherds have launched a crowdfunding appeal to support their cheese-making project, and their initiative has received overwhelming support, surpassing their initial target within a month. Their plan to make cheese from the flock not only showcases their commitment to sustainability but also highlights their dedication to creating products of exceptional quality.

Challenges and Rewards of Shepherd Life

While the shepherds have found solace in the mountains, their daily life is far from leisurely. The demanding routine of tending to the flock and maintaining the village and farm keeps the four individuals engaged throughout the day. The geographical challenges, such as the overgrown hillside terraces and the lack of meadows, require the flock to roam over miles in pursuit of food. Yet, amidst these challenges, there is a sense of purpose and fulfillment that emanates from their sustainable way of life.
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Balancing Sustainability with Financial Realities

Despite their commitment to sustainability, the shepherds also acknowledge the practical aspects of their lifestyle. While they have access to free water and solar power, they still need to manage expenses such as gasoline and animal feed. To supplement their livelihood, Agustín and Sara work as freelance shepherds for several months a year, emphasizing the need to strike a balance between their sustainable ethos and the financial support required to sustain their way of life.

Redefining Sustainability and Rural Life

For the shepherds, the concept of sustainability extends beyond environmental practices; it encompasses a deep respect for the land and the people who inhabit it. They are actively involved in foraging, vegetable cultivation, chicken farming, and hunting, embodying a holistic approach to sustainable living that goes beyond current trends and fads. In their endeavor to embrace a truly sustainable lifestyle, they have redefined the meaning of rural life, emphasizing the importance of respecting local knowledge and integrating seamlessly into the existing community.

Embracing a Transformative Journey

The decision to embrace a sustainable lifestyle is transformative, requiring a shift in mindset and a reevaluation of one’s relationship with the environment. For Aina, this journey represents a continuation of her family’s legacy, a connection to her roots, and a political stance towards being a guardian of the land. Their way of life reflects a radical transformation in consumption patterns, energy use, and their interaction with the environment. It is not just a choice but a proactive stance that makes a positive contribution to the world they inhabit.


The story of the four shepherds in Spain is a captivating narrative of embracing sustainable living and finding fulfillment in farming. Their journey serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can lead a meaningful, purposeful life while staying deeply connected to the land. As they continue their endeavor to live in harmony with nature and their surroundings, their story resonates as a reminder of the timeless allure of a simple, sustainable existence.
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