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Former Conservative Media Darling DeSantis Turns Against Coverage

PoliticsFormer Conservative Media Darling DeSantis Turns Against Coverage

## Former Conservative Media Darling DeSantis Turns Against Coverage

So, I was catching up on the latest political buzz, and one thing that really caught my attention was Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida taking some unexpected shots at the conservative news media that once sang his praises. It’s like a plot twist you never saw coming!

During his campaign in Iowa, he didn’t shy away from making it clear that he believes the conservative media isn’t holding former President Donald J. Trump accountable. It’s a bold move, especially considering the strong support he once enjoyed from these very outlets.

DeSantis expressed his frustration with the lack of accountability, saying, “He’s got basically a Praetorian Guard of the conservative media — Fox News, the websites, all this stuff. They just don’t hold him accountable because they’re worried about losing viewers. And they don’t want to have the ratings go down.”

What struck me the most was his emphasis on how conservative news media outlets, including Fox News, seemed more concerned about maintaining viewership than delivering impartial coverage. It’s pretty gutsy of him to call them out like that, don’t you think?

I found it interesting that he’s been also giving interviews to mainstream outlets like CNN and even left-leaning networks like MSNBC. It seems he’s trying to broaden his reach beyond just the conservative media ecosystem.

Despite taking swipes at some of his former allies in the media, Mr. DeSantis has continued to make appearances on Fox News and engage with other conservative outlets. It seems like he’s trying to strike a balance between shaking things up and keeping his foot in the door with these networks.

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It’s a bold strategy, especially in the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses, and it’ll be fascinating to see how this move plays out for his campaign. Will his shift in approach win over new supporters, or will it alienate some of his once-staunch allies? Only time will tell.

But one thing’s for sure – politics always keeps things interesting, and this unexpected turn definitely adds a new layer of drama to the mix.

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