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Ex-President Castillo Faces 34-Year Sentence as Prosecutors in Peru Push for Justice

Top NewsEx-President Castillo Faces 34-Year Sentence as Prosecutors in Peru Push for Justice

## Former President Pedro Castillo: Facing 34 Years in Prison

Hey, have you heard about the recent drama unfolding in Peru involving former President Pedro Castillo? It’s intense! So, here’s what’s going down.

**A Shocking Accusation**

Can you believe that the prosecutor’s office in Peru has formally requested a 34-year prison sentence for former President Pedro Castillo? It’s all because of his attempt to dissolve Congress in late 2022. They’re accusing him of “carrying out a coup d’etat” and it’s a pretty serious allegation.

**A Backstory worth Noting**

Castillo, who was elected in 2012, was seen as a beacon of hope for many as he was the first leader of the Andean nation with no ties to the elites. He was even hailed as the country’s first poor president. But things took a turn when he got into a power struggle with the opposition-led Congress and was accused of leading a criminal organization involving his family and allies.

**The Dramatic Turn of Events**

Just before his removal in December 2022, Castillo stated that his intentions to “temporarily” dissolve Congress were to “reestablish the rule of law and democracy” in the country. However, opposition politicians and Congress strongly opposed his decision, leading to his dramatic removal from office and subsequent arrest. Castillo has been vocal about being a victim of a political conspiracy orchestrated by the right-wing opposition and the attorney general.

**The Aftermath**

After Castillo’s ousting, his vice president, Dina Boluarte, took over and faced her own set of challenges and protests. The situation escalated, resulting in a crackdown by security forces and an estimated 50 deaths. Human Rights Watch accused the Peruvian authorities of extrajudicial and arbitrary killings. Additionally, Boluarte is now under investigation over the deaths of the protesters.

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It’s a tumultuous and troubling situation that continues to unfold in Peru. Keep an eye on the news for further developments. This story is far from over.

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