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Top NewsDecember Breaks Records: Surge in Migrant Crossings at U.S. Southern Border

**”December Breaks Records: Surge in Migrant Crossings at U.S. Southern Border”**

The recent surge in migrant crossings at the U.S. southern border has shattered previous records, drawing attention to the substantial migration crisis that the Biden administration is currently contending with. According to internal federal statistics obtained by CBS News, the U.S. Border Patrol processed over 225,000 migrants who illegally crossed the southern border in December, making it the highest number for any month in the agency’s history. This unprecedented influx of migrants has placed significant strain on the resources and capabilities of the border enforcement agencies, calling for urgent attention and action to address the situation.

**Unprecedented Numbers of Migrant Crossings**

The preliminary Department of Homeland Security statistics reveal that the Border Patrol apprehended more than 225,000 migrants in the first 27 days of December alone, indicating a substantial increase in unlawful entries at the U.S.-Mexico border. This figure does not even account for the legal entries at ports of entry, where an additional 50,000 migrants have been processed each month using a smartphone app. This demonstrates the sheer scale of the migration crisis and the formidable task at hand for the administration to manage and streamline the processing of such a high volume of migrants.

**Impact on Border Patrol and Resources**

The recent surge in migration reached its zenith before Christmas, as Border Patrol reported an average of 9,773 daily apprehensions during the week of December 14 to December 20. On several days within that week, the agency processed over 10,000 migrants in just 24 hours. Although the number of unlawful crossings has slightly decreased in the past week, it remains at historically high levels, with Border Patrol processing 7,759 migrants on a single day.

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**Challenges Faced by the Biden Administration**

The record-breaking levels of migrant crossings have starkly underscored the formidable logistical, humanitarian, and political challenges that the Biden administration is currently facing at the U.S. southern border. President Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis has drawn criticism from both Republican and Democratic quarters, with public opinion polls reflecting widespread disapproval of the administration’s management of border and immigration issues.

The surge in unlawful entries has not only impacted remote border regions but has also created significant challenges for large U.S. cities, where authorities are struggling to accommodate and provide for the growing number of migrants. The strain on local and federal resources in these areas has prompted officials to seek additional federal support to address the crisis effectively.

**Efforts to Address the Crisis**

The Biden administration has taken initial steps to address the evolving crisis, including dispatching additional agents and resources to heavily impacted sectors. Furthermore, the administration has provided assistance to migrants in city shelters, facilitating their applications for work permits and approving substantial funds for communities receiving new arrivals. Additionally, high-level U.S. officials have engaged in discussions with Mexican authorities to garner support in curbing U.S.-bound migration, emphasizing the need for cooperative efforts to mitigate the impact of the crisis.


The surge in migrant crossings at the U.S. southern border presents a critical challenge for the Biden administration, compelling a comprehensive and integrated approach to address the crisis effectively. The magnitude of the migration crisis necessitates a coordinated and proactive response to manage the unprecedented influx of migrants and alleviate the strain on resources, all while upholding humanitarian standards and ensuring the security of the U.S. southwest border.

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Source: Information obtained from www.cbsnews.com

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