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James Maddison and Neal Maupay clash after controversial dart celebration.

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Congress’ Sam Pitroda predicts massive victory for BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha elections with 400 seats”

PoliticsCongress' Sam Pitroda predicts massive victory for BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha elections with 400 seats"
Congress leader Sam Pitroda has expressed concerns regarding the possibility of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning a significant number of seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized the importance of addressing issues related to electronic voting machines (EVM) to ensure the credibility of the electoral process. Pitroda’s predictions and statements have sparked discussions and generated reactions from various political quarters. Let’s delve deeper into the implications of his remarks and the responses they have elicited.

EVMs and Pitroda's Concerns

Pitroda reiterated his apprehensions about EVMs and their potential impact on the outcomes of future elections. He specifically highlighted the need for updating EVMs to maintain the integrity of the electoral process. According to Pitroda, the trust deficit in EVMs must be addressed, and he has called upon the Election Commission of India (ECI) to respond to this issue. His stance reflects a broader discourse on the transparency and fairness of electoral practices, particularly in the context of technological advancements and potential vulnerabilities.

BJP's Prospects and the EVM Debate

Pitroda’s prediction of the BJP winning 400 seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections hinges on the resolution of concerns surrounding EVMs. His remarks underscore the significance of ensuring the reliability of EVMs and addressing any doubts regarding their susceptibility to manipulation. The ongoing debate regarding EVMs has been a point of contention between different political entities, with opposition parties alleging biases and favoritism. The BJP, on the other hand, has defended the credibility of EVMs and challenged the opposition’s claims. The intersection of technological advancements and electoral processes amplifies the importance of addressing these concerns to uphold the democratic principles of free and fair elections.
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Pitroda's Clarifications and Controversies

Pitroda’s recent comments on various issues, including the Ram Mandir and the role of religion in politics, have elicited varied responses. He clarified that his stance on the Ram Mandir issue was misrepresented and emphasized the need to maintain the separation of religion and politics. Moreover, he reiterated the primacy of addressing critical national issues such as employment, inflation, and technological advancements, rather than focusing on religious and divisive themes. Pitroda’s assertions reflect broader concerns about the intersection of religious narratives with political agendas and the implications for societal harmony and governance.

Reactions from Political Quarters

The BJP swiftly responded to Pitroda’s remarks, attributing them to the ideological stance of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi. The BJP characterized Pitroda as representing the mindset that downplays the significance of Hindutva, terrorism, inflation, and corruption. This exchange of viewpoints underscores the ideological divergence between the BJP and the Congress, shaping the contours of political discourse and electoral strategies. Pitroda’s predictions and the subsequent reactions highlight the complex interplay of ideology, strategy, and electoral dynamics in the Indian political landscape.


In the buildup to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the debates surrounding EVMs, the role of religion in politics, and the ideological underpinnings of different political entities will continue to shape public discourse and policy agendas. Pitroda’s predictions and concerns serve as a catalyst for broader conversations about electoral integrity, governance priorities, and the evolving dynamics of Indian democracy. It remains to be seen how these discussions and debates will influence the electoral landscape and the articulation of competing visions for India’s future.
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