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Cable News Viewership Declines, but Surges During Trump Presidency

PoliticsCable News Viewership Declines, but Surges During Trump Presidency

## Cable News Viewership Declines, but Surges During Trump Presidency

Lately, there has been a noticeable decline in the viewership of cable news. However, during the Trump presidency, there was a significant surge in the number of viewers tuning in to cable news channels. It was quite a spectacle, to say the least.

So, I was just going through some interesting insights about the recent developments in cable news viewership, and here’s what I discovered. It turns out that the viewership of cable news channels dropped after Trump left office. But here’s the kicker – it rose significantly compared to the period before he became a central figure in American politics. It’s quite evident that Trump, in particular, is a magnet for ratings.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Let’s dive into some figures to get a clearer picture. The ratings agency Nielsen reported a decline in cable-news channel ratings after Trump’s presidency. Surprisingly, the viewership numbers of cable-news channels have remained relatively steady when compared to the sharp decline in viewership across the networks. This is where it gets interesting.

The Trump Effect on Viewership

Trump’s influence on viewership is undeniable. There were noticeable spikes in cable-news viewership during significant events such as elections. For instance, the average viewership on CNN and MSNBC nearly doubled between 2015 and 2016. Another noteworthy uptick in viewership occurred in 2020, during another election year. The pandemic and social justice protests also played their part, but it’s clear that Trump’s involvement in these events significantly impacted the viewership numbers.

A Shift in Perspective

It’s also intriguing to compare the viewership of cable-news channels with that of the major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC. The broadcast networks have experienced a consistent downward trend in viewership since 2014, whereas cable-news viewership has shown more stability, with some significant jumps during key events.

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The Battle for Younger Viewers

Now, let’s talk about the coveted younger viewers – the ones who hold a lot of appeal for advertisers. There has been a considerable drop in adult viewers under the age of 50 across the broadcast networks. On the other hand, the cable-news channels have struggled to attract younger viewers, with the broadcast networks still leading the pack.

The Trump Factor in Cable News

It’s interesting to note that on a recent Wednesday, CNN actually managed to outperform Fox News among younger viewers. The majority of viewers aged over 55 were tuned into Fox to watch Trump, while the younger crowd preferred CNN. It goes to show that Trump’s presence is a major driving force behind the viewership trends on cable news channels.

What the Future Holds

The broadcast networks are losing viewers due to increasing competition for programming and a growing number of individuals opting out of cable. On the flip side, the resurgence of cable-news channels seems imminent, especially if there’s another presidential campaign featuring Donald Trump.

In a nutshell, it’s evident that Trump’s impact on cable-news viewership has been monumental. Whether you love him or loathe him, one thing is for sure – he knows how to draw a crowd.

So, are you hooked on the cable news rollercoaster or are you staying clear of the drama? Let me know your thoughts.

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