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Biden’s Son Seeks New Subpoena in Congressional Investigation

Top NewsBiden's Son Seeks New Subpoena in Congressional Investigation

## Biden’s Son Seeks New Subpoena in Congressional Investigation

Hey there, folks, it looks like Hunter Biden is making some waves in the political arena. House Republicans are gearing up for a floor vote on whether to recommend holding Biden in criminal contempt of Congress. But guess what? His lawyer isn’t having any of it.

In a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and Oversight Chairman James Comer, attorney Abbe Lowell argued the validity of the subpoenas issued to Hunter Biden, questioning whether they were issued before the authorization of an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. According to Lowell, if a new proper subpoena is issued, Hunter Biden would comply for a hearing or deposition.

The offer proposed by Lowell aligns with the proposal discussed during a House Judiciary hearing earlier this week, where Hunter Biden would appear for a public hearing under the rules of a deposition. However, Republican lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee rejected the concession and advanced the contempt resolution for violating a subpoena seeking his closed-door testimony.

It remains unclear whether House Republicans have the votes to adopt the contempt measure next week. Some GOP members have expressed concern about supporting the resolution in light of Hunter Biden’s repeated offers to testify publicly.

Lowell, who accompanied Hunter Biden to the hearing, told reporters that his client was only willing to testify in a public setting due to concerns that Republicans would selectively leak his private remarks. He emphasized that despite being a private citizen, Hunter has been targeted by Republicans in an attempt to attack his father.

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This move by Lowell’s legal team is part of an aggressive strategy to defend his father against allegations that Biden was directly involved in his son’s foreign business dealings. It’s worth noting that Hunter’s appearance on Capitol Hill this week was his second since December. During his speech, he took accountability for his mistakes and stated clearly that his father had no financial involvement with his business.

In response, Jordan and Comer said that House Republicans would continue to “move forward with holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress until such time that Hunter Biden confirms a date to appear for a private deposition in accordance with his legal obligation.”

It’s certainly a high-stakes chess game unfolding in the political arena, and time will tell how this unfolds. Stay tuned as we continue to keep an eye on this developing story!

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