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Biden Admits Strikes Fail to Halt Houthi Attacks, Denies U.S. at War | Latest on Israel-Gaza Conflict

Top NewsBiden Admits Strikes Fail to Halt Houthi Attacks, Denies U.S. at War | Latest on Israel-Gaza Conflict
In a recent address, United States President Joe Biden voiced his commitment to continue strikes against Yemen’s Houthi rebels, despite acknowledging that the military action has not effectively curbed attacks on commercial shipping. The situation has raised crucial questions about the potency of the strikes and the implications for the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

Admission of Ineffectiveness

During the fifth round of strikes conducted in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, President Biden conceded that the military action has not deterred the Houthi attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea. This acknowledgment underscores the complexity and challenges associated with curtailing the activities of the rebel group.

Pentagon’s Perspective

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh emphasized that the decision to cease the attacks rested with the Houthis. Despite the degradation and disruption of significant Houthi capabilities, the onus is on the rebel group to stop impacting commercial shipping and innocent mariners in the Red Sea. This stance reveals the Pentagon’s stance on the issue and highlights the pivotal role of the Houthis in resolving the situation.

Denial of War Status

Furthermore, Singh clarified that the US does not perceive itself to be at war with the Houthis, emphasizing that its actions are rooted in self-defence and aimed at protecting innocent individuals and commercial vessels navigating the vital Red Sea trade route. This denial of war status points to the strategic positioning of the US and its intention to address the conflict in a manner that prioritizes self-defence and security.

Houthi Actions: Implications for Global Commerce

The gravity of the Houthi attacks is underscored by their impact on global trade, with over two dozen vessels falling victim to the group’s assaults. The resultant redirection of major shipping operators around the southern tip of Africa has significantly disrupted global trade. This disruption highlights the far-reaching consequences of the Houthi actions and the urgency of finding a resolution to safeguard international commerce.
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Protective Measures and Regional Dynamics

In response to the escalating situation, the US, along with its partners, initiated Operation Prosperity Guardian, a multinational effort aimed at shielding commercial vessels from drone and missile attacks in the Red Sea. This collaborative endeavour underscores the imperative of collective action to address the security challenges posed by the Houthi activities. Moreover, the regional dynamics and heightened tensions stemming from the attacks underscore the need for a strategic and comprehensive approach to address the conflict’s broader ramifications.


The complexities and intricacies surrounding the Houthi attacks and the US response underscore the multifaceted nature of the situation. President Biden’s pledge to persist with strikes despite acknowledging their limitations reflects the nuanced approach required to navigate the complexities of the conflict. The imperative to protect global commerce while addressing regional tensions underscores the significance of concerted efforts to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the Houthi activities.
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