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America Bracing for Extreme Coast-to-Coast Weather

EnvironmentAmerica Bracing for Extreme Coast-to-Coast Weather

**America Bracing for Extreme Coast-to-Coast Weather**

Amidst the uproar of an incoming weather doom, America is getting ready to brace itself as a conveyor belt of extreme and powerful weather systems is expected to sweep across the country. This will bring forth a series of blizzards, heavy rain, and flash flooding. The forecast throws light on the severity of these incoming natural calamities and the regions that are most likely to be impacted.

**The Plains face blizzards**

Blizzard warnings have been issued for parts of the Central and Southern High Plains through early Tuesday. The onslaught is expected to wreak havoc across Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. With wind gusts of up to 70 m.p.h., “ferocious blizzard conditions with whiteouts” are anticipated. The snowfall is expected to make traveling extremely perilous, if not impossible, with weather watchers advising travelers to carry a winter survival kit due to wind chills falling below zero. The Midwest is also bracing itself to receive up to a foot of snow in certain areas, as highlighted by the forecasters. The potential hazards associated with this storm system include power failures, as strong winds and heavy snow might lead to the destabilization of power infrastructure. Travel is also expected to face disruptions, with some parts of the central U.S. likely to face conditions that make travel impossible.

**Heavy rains and flooding are likely in the Northeast**

Widespread rainfall of two to four inches is expected throughout the Northeast on Tuesday, exacerbating the risk of flooding due to the melting snow from a recent winter storm. The anticipated heavy rain is likely to create numerous areas of flash flooding, with the potential of many streams flooding and affecting larger rivers. Forecasters have identified several areas, including Philadelphia, where significant river flooding is likely to occur. Furthermore, experts predict that at least 19 rivers in the Mid-Atlantic region will experience flooding. The threat of flooding extends from Richmond, Va., to the Catskills in New York, as suggested by the forecasters.

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**There’s a risk of tornadoes in the Gulf Coast**

The Gulf Coast is on high alert as there is an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms, with the potential for frequent lightning, powerful wind gusts, hail, and a few tornadoes, according to the Weather Service. Significant river and flash flooding are expected for the central Gulf Coast and Eastern states through early Wednesday.

**Rain and snow will fall in the Pacific Northwest**

The Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle area, anticipates rainfall and snowfall on Monday and Tuesday. Winter storm and blizzard warnings have been posted for the Olympic and Cascade Mountains above 2,000 feet, with projections of substantial snow accumulation of up to 40 inches and winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. Despite uncertainties, the storm in the Pacific Northwest is expected to bring rain and wind to the East Coast and possibly snow inland by the weekend.

In conclusion, America is facing an onslaught of extreme weather events, ranging from blizzards in the Midwest to heavy rains in the Northeast, the risk of tornadoes in the Gulf Coast, and rain and snow in the Pacific Northwest. It is imperative for residents in these areas to stay informed about the latest weather advisories and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety amid these impending natural disasters.

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