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Woman’s head in plastic wrap.. Body parts in pieces in fridge

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An incident has taken place in Hyderabad as if it has threatened the capital Delhi. On May 17, the sanitation workers in the Hyderabad city area carried out their work as usual. Then they were shocked to see the woman’s severed head in a black blanket on the banks of the Musi River. The incident was immediately reported to the police.

The case became a headache for the police as only the woman’s head was found. It was a big challenge for the police to find the identity of the woman in this case. Questions abounded as to whether the woman was sexually assaulted and murdered… or murdered for other reasons. The police sought the help of CCTV cameras to find answers in this case.

They sifted through the footage of the CCTV cameras installed in the area. 60 vehicles and 90 persons were caught in the suspicious net. Among those 90 people, the investigation has been intensified targeting the people who threw the bags of Baleet. A man named Chandra Mohan was caught in this case due to the intense efforts of the police. Chandra Mohan’s confession shocked the police. It was revealed that the head of the woman found by the scavengers on the river bank belonged to Anuradha Reddy (aged 55). Chandramohan confesses to killing Anuradha.

Anuradha, a widow, lives with her daughter. Chandramohan has been living in a portion of his house for the past 15 years. Chandramohan – Anuradha was said to be in a live-in relationship. Due to this, Chandramohan took money from Anuradha to the tune of 7 lakhs. He has been delaying the purchase without paying the money. He decides to kill Anuradha and take the money. In this case, on May 12, according to Chandramohan’s plan, there was a fierce argument between the two regarding money.

The person who was on the verge of murdering Anuradha stabbed him with a knife. After that he bought two cutting machines to cut the body into pieces. The body was cut into pieces and placed in a plastic cover. After this, on May 15, he took only Anuradha’s head in an auto and threw it away along with the garbage. Chandramohan, who was caught by the police, told shocking information when asked about the whereabouts of the remaining body parts. He said that he kept the body parts in the fridge to prevent them from smelling bad.

After murdering Anuradha, he has been talking to her relatives by sending messages every day from her phone so as not to raise suspicion. After the murder, Tetall cleaned the house in Benoil. It has been revealed during the police investigation that Udupathi and Chambarani were kept on fire every day so that no bad smell would be emitted.

This case has been very challenging for the police at first. 8 special teams have been formed and the investigation has intensified. Collected information about missing women across the state. The police went door to door with the photograph of the captured woman’s head and conducted an investigation. An investigation was conducted using the photo on social media and public places. After this, Chandramohan got involved in this case. The police are still investigating him.

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