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Wife Natasha summoned in court in Dr. Narendra Chaudhary murder case, serious allegations against former SP MLA

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Aligarh. After 10 years in Aligarh, the issue of making wife Dr. Natasha a culprit in the murder of Dr. Narendra Chaudhary has once again become hot. The name of former SP MLA Thakur Rakesh Singh is also included in this murder case. This time mother-in-law Dr. Shakuntala Devi gave a statement in the court accusing Dr. Natasha of murder. And the court summoned Dr. Narendra Chaudhary’s wife Natasha in the ADJ court. Wife Natasha has been summoned as an accused under section 319. Whose hearing is to be held on 5 April. On the other hand, on Monday, Dr. Natasha made serious allegations against former SP MLA Thakur Rakesh Singh by holding a press conference in this matter.

what is the matter

Late night of 24 September 2014, Dr. Narendra Chowdhary, director of Harpal Hospital, Kela Nagar, was shot dead. In this case, Dr. Narendra’s mother Shakuntala Devi had filed a case in Police Station Quarsi. In which Sonu, Rahul, Sheelu, Shobhit Nagpal were made accused. At the same time, due to the influence of power, the name of the SP MLA was not registered in the case. The police filed a charge sheet against them in the court. In the initial investigation, the police filed a charge sheet alleging that all these people had earlier taken Narendra to the Ramlila event in Harduaganj area. Later Dr. Narendra was shot and killed by bringing alcohol to Manoj’s office in Shivaji Puram and fighting over a dispute related to a property and money in Gabhana.

Don’t know when the proceedings took place

In this, the police and the crime branch thoroughly investigated and filed a charge sheet against the accused. At the same time, reward was also declared on the killers. NBW issued. The High Court gave orders to surrender. At the same time, till 2023, in all the decisions of the court, he was found to be the original culprit. Karan, son of Dr. Narendra, is an eyewitness in this case. Whose statement has also been done. Dr. Natasha alleged that former SP MLA Rakesh Singh has managed the entire episode. And on the application of mother-in-law Shakuntala Devi who was sleeping at home at the time of the murder. He is a disloyal, at his behest 319 action has been taken against me without any evidence and witnesses.

Dr. Natasha’s press conference

Dr. Natasha alleged that there was never a divorce between my husband Dr. Narendra Chowdhary and me. There was no separation, we were never separated, we were a happy family. But now an attempt is being made to trap me. Dr. Natasha told that ADJ has appealed in the High Court regarding the decision of the first court. He said that I have full faith in the court. Efforts are also being made to stop me from lobbying. Dr. Natasha told that there is a land worth about 10 crores in my name in Gabhana. Which Rakesh MLA wanted to take. Doctor was putting pressure on Narendra Chowdhary. that give the land.

Former SP MLA conspired to kill

Dr. Natasha told that a lot of money of Dr. Narendra Chaudhary was also invested in land along with MLA Thakur Rakesh Singh. Whose whereabouts are not known. Regarding this incident, son Karan Chaudhary told that my grandmother Shakuntala Devi is conspiring with Rakesh MLA. To get the father out of the way, the mother has been accused of murder. Karan told that we are fighting goons like MLA Thakur Rakesh Singh and demanded Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to take strict action against former SP MLA Thakur Rakesh Singh.

Input- Alok, Aligarh

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