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West Bengal Tops In Primary Education in India: Amid corruption debates in the country, ‘Bangla is ahead’ in primary education, says central report – West Bengal tops in Primary Education in country and Uttar Pradesh has secured the lowest score, says PMO report

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West Bengal Tops In Primary Education in India: Bengal is at the top in primary education in the country. This has emerged in the report published by the committee of PMO recently.

West Bengal Tops In Primary Education in India: Central Report Says 'Bengal Goes Forward' in Primary Education Amid Corruption Controversy

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Kolkata and New Delhi: Gerber Bangla on allegations of corruption in teacher recruitment. Partha Chatterjee, the former education minister of the state, is spending his days behind bars on this corruption charge. In this situation, a new feather appeared on the crown of the state. in primary education (Primary Education) Bengal took the top position again. A report on Basic Education and Mathematical Literacy in Schools was recently released by the Prime Minister’s Office Committee. The report is considered as the score card of education development across India. And West Bengal occupies a significant place in that report card. State numbers are much higher. And this report is like some relief for the real corruption in Gerber Bengal.

Recently, this report on education has been published by the Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister’s Office. According to that report, Bengal is at the top in terms of primary education. And the yogi state of Uttar Pradesh is quite a bit behind from Bengal. ED-CBI lags behind in education corruption At that moment Trinamool Congress is smiling for overtaking BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh in terms of quality of primary education. In reference to this report, Trinamool MP Sougat Roy said, “Corruption in recruitment. But education is going well in the state. That is why West Bengal has done well. West Bengal is among the first four states. And there is no education in Uttar Pradesh. We get good education here at primary level.” He said in reference to BJP’s questioning on corruption, “Does BJP know anything about education? What will happen again if it is absorbed? Apart from Sukant Majumdar, there is one educated person among them. “BJP wants to gentrify education, not spread education.”

BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said, “The master killed the student because he was asked a math question. A few days later, the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court canceled the job of that master. This is the overall situation. This government of ours is the master of the prize. Because the packaging of the government is very good.” Regarding the report, he said, “All these reports remain with the state. Those who prepare their report, prepare this report with complete transparency, honesty and utmost devotion. This government is the government of facials. There is no blood all over the body, bruised, the body is rotten. And his ministry is going on.” He gave an example and said, “The huge blue-and-white arch at the gate of the hospital. And when you enter the first thing you will ask with sheets? This is the situation in West Bengal. Life-giving medicines are not in hospitals, beautiful, big gates have been built.”

Incidentally, this Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Report is published by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. In this report, the states of the country are ranked in the type of education. According to the 2023 report, West Bengal is leading in the education of children under 10 years of age. And Punjab is at the top in education in the country. The score of this state is 64.19. Next is West Bengal. Bengal’s number is 54.98. And the worst situation is Uttar Pradesh. Its number is 37.46. States are scored based on a total of five indicators. These include educational management, access to learning facilities, student health, overall management and quality of learning outcomes. West Bengal is far superior in this context.

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