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Transcript: Sens. Mark Warner and Marco Rubio on “Face the Nation,” Jan. 29, 2023

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The next is a transcript of an interview with Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida airing Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023, on “Face the Nation.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: Let’s begin on the information of the second. I do know the 2 of you have been briefed by the Director of Nationwide Intelligence Avril Haines. Do you’ve got any timeline by way of when you’re going to get visibility into the paperwork of categorised materials that each President Biden and President Trump had of their residences?

SEN. MARK WARNER: Margaret, sadly, no. And this committee has had a protracted bipartisan historical past of doing its job. And our job right here is intelligence oversight. The Justice Division has had the Trump paperwork about six months, the Biden paperwork about three months, our job just isn’t to determine if someone mishandled these, our job is to ensure there’s not an intelligence compromise. And whereas the Director of Nationwide Intelligence had been prepared to transient us earlier, now that you’ve the particular counsel, the notion that we will be left in limbo, and we won’t do our job, that simply can not stand. And each member of the committee who spoke yesterday and I needed the director to listen to this, no matter social gathering mentioned, we’re united in now we have to discover a option to do our job. Which means we want these paperwork, we want that evaluation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However the intelligence group would say their fingers are tied, as a result of that is an ongoing energetic Justice Division investigation. So what would meet the extent of- of addressing your considerations with out compromising that?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Nicely, I do not know the way congressional oversight on the paperwork, really understanding what they’re, in any manner impedes an investigation. These are in all probability supplies we have already got entry to. We simply do not know which of them they’re. And it isn’t about being nosy. You recognize, this is the underside line: if in reality, these paperwork have been very delicate, supplies have been delicate, and so they pose a counterintelligence or nationwide safety menace to america, then the intelligence companies are tasked with the job of arising with methods to mitigate that. How can we choose whether or not their mitigation requirements are applicable, if we do not have materials to check it in opposition to, and we won’t even make an evaluation on whether or not they’ve correctly threat assessed it? So we’re not within the timeline, the tick-tock, the who received what, who did that? These are prison justice issues, to the extent that that is what it’s. That is not what we’re occupied with. We deserve and have a proper and an obligation to assessment what the supplies have been so we are able to have a greater understanding of not simply, you understand, what the company is doing about it, however whether or not it is ample. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Does the director even know what the supplies have been? 

SEN. WARNER: Nicely, we received a little bit of vagueness on that as a result of once more, I consider you wish to ensure that the intelligence professionals and never political appointees have been making a few of that that is smart to me. However I’d even suppose that if the- President Trump and President Biden would in all probability wish to have this identified if they are saying there isn’t any there there. Nicely, you understand, there should be violations on dealing with. However we received to inform the American folks and our colleagues, as a result of we’re the one ones who’ve entry to this info, that there is not been an intelligence compromise. And once more, this notion that when there was a particular prosecutor appointed, they don’t seem to be precisely the identical circumstances. However bear in mind, this committee spent years doing the investigation into Russian meddling in the course of the 2016 election, and there was a particular prosecutor and Bob Mueller’s investigation occurring concurrently.

SEN. RUBIO: Let me let you know how absurd that is, there is not a day that goes by that there is not some media report about what was discovered the place, what some kind of characterization of the fabric within the press. I simply noticed one this morning once more. So in some way, the one people who find themselves not allowed to know what was in there are congressional oversight committees. However apparently, the media leaks out of the DOJ are unimpeded by way of characterizing the character of a number of the supplies that have been discovered, plus regardless of the people concerned are telling the media. So it is an untenable state of affairs that I feel needs to be resolved.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However, you understand, there’s an argument that there is a diminishing worth to intelligence over time, a few of it is time delicate. The concept a few of these paperwork go all the way in which again to when President Biden was a senator, does that recommend that there is one thing greater than an issue within the government department?

SEN. WARNER: Agreed. That is why the notion of ‘We’re not going to provide the Oversight Committee the power to do its job till the particular prosecutor in some way says it is okay,’ doesn’t- would not maintain water. That is not going to face with all of the members of Congress– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: So do you wish to see these 300 paperwork from Trump? 

SEN. WARNER: I feel we have to see- likelihood is, now we have a proper as not solely members of the Intelligence Committee, however as a part of the management to learn just about each categorised doc. We’re a part of the so-called Gang of Eight. We might have seen these paperwork, we simply have to know, are these those that have been probably mishandled, and that mishandling just isn’t our accountability, our accountability is to ensure the intelligence and the safety of america have been compromised. And also you’re completely proper that a few of these might have been years outdated. So this concept that we’re not going to get that entry simply, once more, all of us agreed, and I feel the director heard lot- loud and clear from all of us. It is simply not tenable. And it begs the larger query and once more, which Marco and I’ve agreed to collectively work on, that we got- we received an issue by way of each classification ranges, how senior elected officers, after they go away authorities how they deal with paperwork. We have had too many examples of this. And once more, I feel we have the bipartisan bona fides, to say, let’s put them in place on a going ahead foundation, a greater course of.

SEN. RUBIO: And let me simply add on the age of the paperwork, it is true, the knowledge in and of itself could also be dated and irrelevant at this level. However the- however gaining access to that info reveals the way you gathered, whether or not it was a human supply or– 

SEN. WARNER: Sources and strategies. 

SEN. RUBIO: And so the- the- though the knowledge itself may not be very related, it does reveal how we acquire info and thereby price us these accesses and probably price somebody you understand, once more, we do not know what’s within the materials, probably put somebody in hurt’s manner.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So that you- you threatened to withhold some funding to a number of the companies yesterday.

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, what I mentioned is that, you understand, I am not within the menace enterprise proper now. However we definitely are- there are issues we have to do as a committee yearly to authorize the shifting round of funds. I feel the Director of Nationwide Intelligence and different heads of intelligence companies are conscious of that. You recognize, sooner or later, I would desire for them simply to name us this morning or tomorrow or each time and say, ‘Look, that is the association that we expect we are able to attain in order that the overseers can get entry to this.’ I would desire to not go down that street. However it’s one of many items of leverage now we have as Congress. I am not, we’re not going to sit down right here and simply difficulty press releases all day.

SEN. WARNER: And one of many issues that I needed Director Haines to listen to and I feel she was in a little bit of an untenable place yesterday, she had been prepared to transient earlier earlier than the particular prosecutor. I needed her to listen to that this was not simply Senator Rubio and I, this was the entire members of the committee, on each ends of the political spectrum, saying, we have a job to do, we will do it, we will determine out- we’re not within the menace enterprise. However we will determine a option to guarantee that we get that entry in order that we can’t solely inform the American folks, however we have one other 85 U.S. senators who will not be on the Intelligence Committee, who look to us to get these assurances.

MARGARET BRENNAN: How a lot are your fingers tied, although, by way of this a part of authorities and classified- classification actually being over within the government to a big extent? Like, what’s it that you simply as lawmakers can do? Is it new regulation in relation to transitions– 

SEN. WARNER: The Director of Nationwide Intelligence is the person that’s the chief officer for intelligence classification. I feel, and there is been quite a few different members of the Senate, each events have been working for years, on the notion that we over classify the variety of issues that we learn in a SCIF that in some way then seem within the newspaper begs the query, it is sort of been a problem that is been effervescent for a very long time– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Over classification.

SEN. WARNER: –I feel this, I feel this sequence of occasions, pushes it to the forefront. And once more, now we have the ability to write down laws, which then government companies must follow– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: By way of file protecting. 

SEN. WARNER: By way of file protecting. In phrases, actually, not less than steering on classification points. I imply, there was, and once more, this Director of Nationwide Intelligence, I will give her credit score, she has been not less than acknowledging and lengthy earlier than this difficulty got here up, mentioned we have to work on this difficulty of declassification, over classification. Each director says it, after which it sort of will get pushed- pushed again, I feel. One good factor which will come out of that is that we will discover a option to resolve this difficulty on a going ahead foundation. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: So it seems like we discovered one space of bipartisan settlement already right here that there must be some sort of laws round categorised supplies– 


SEN. WARNER: I really suppose you are gonna discover a lot- on our committee –

SEN. RUBIO: On our committee–

SEN. WARNER: –you are gonna discover an terrible lot multiple.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The place does this rank by way of precedence? Coping with the categorised disaster?

SEN. WARNER: Nicely the immediacy of it proper now, and the notion and once more, I’d- I do not know what President Trump and President Biden are fascinated with this. However I’d suppose they want some recognition that these paperwork, hopefully and as Marco mentioned, will not be disclosing sources and strategies, will not be so present that there could also be a- a violation of American nationwide safety. We simply do not know. So I feel we have to get this resolved earlier than later. By way of the precise case, the Trump and Biden paperwork, we have probably not centered as a lot on the Pence paperwork. However who is aware of what extra footwear might fall.

SEN. RUBIO: Yeah, and I do not wish to converse for Mark. Clearly, the immediacy of this second is huge. However I feel we- the- on the broader set of points, we nonetheless have this reauthorization of [Section] 702, an vital authority for our authorities. After which extra broadly, I simply suppose the world seems to be so completely different than it did once I began out on this committee. Once I first received to the Senate, the principal focus of international coverage and nationwide safety points have been counterterrorism. And people are nonetheless crucial, however we’re now in a world more and more revolves round nice energy competitors: China, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, after which a number of the threats posed by Iran, North Korea and different rogue states. So whether or not our intelligence companies have adjusted shortly sufficient to that new actuality, and- and the- and the- obligations that poses I feel, is from a giant image perspective, in my thoughts, one of many issues we actually must spend time on. 

SEN. WARNER:  And the factor that I feel we’re getting- our committee has received some- some file on. I imply, I personally consider the competitors, expertise competitors, specifically, with China is the difficulty of our time. And bear in mind, it was this committee that first noticed, identified, the issues with the Chinese language telecommunications supplier, Huawei, as a nationwide safety menace. And we constructed, frankly, even beneath President Trump, an method to say we have to guarantee that we get it out of our networks, after which persuade our allies to do this. It was our committee, once more, who first identified the challenges that, within the semiconductor trade, which we had dominated on this country– 


SEN. WARNER: Within the- pc chips- within the 80s, and 90s, that we have been falling behind, actually to the purpose that no leading edge semiconductor chip was even being made in America. And we constructed them, the laws across the so-called CHIPS invoice. I feel there are different expertise domains: synthetic intelligence, quantum computing, superior power, artificial biology, the place we have to do the same sort of bipartisan deep dives, to say, how can we ensure that America and our mates keep aggressive with a China that’s terribly aggressive in these fields and making the sort of investments, frankly, that we used to make post-Sputnik.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Proper, and I wish to ask you about that, as a result of President Biden is reportedly near issuing an government order in relation to restrictions on U.S. investments in- in China. However there’s concern about risking additional escalation. What’s your view on how far that motion ought to go? And the place do you all choose up by way of lawmakers?

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, I feel there’s two issues. The primary is the Chinese language have discovered a manner to make use of capitalism in opposition to us. As- as- and what I imply by that’s the capability to draw funding into entities which might be deeply linked to the state. That navy industrial fusion that exists in China is an idea that we do not have on this nation. We now have contractors that do protection work, however there is no such thing as a distinction in China between developments in expertise, biomedicine, no matter it is perhaps, and the curiosity of the state. After which the second is clearly the entry to our capital markets. And the third is the chance posed, we do not up so far, haven’t had ranges of transparency by way of auditing and the like, on these investments of- the- into these corporations. What- while you put money into these corporations in U.S. exchanges, you do not have practically as a lot details about the- the bookkeeping of these corporations as you’ll an American firm or European firm, as a result of they’ve refused to adjust to these restrictions. So there’s systemic threat to our investments, after which there’s additionally the geopolitical actuality that American capital flows are serving to to fund actions which might be in the end designed to undermine our nationwide safety. So it is a twenty first century problem that we actually must put our arms round.

SEN. WARNER: And once more, that is something- I feel and I fall beneath this class, starting of the twentieth century, I used to be a giant believer that the extra you deliver China into the world order, the extra issues will all be copacetic. We have been simply fallacious on that. The Communist Occasion, beneath President Xi’s management, and my beef is, to be clear, with the Communist Occasion, it isn’t with the Chinese language folks or the Chinese language diaspora wherever it’s on the earth, however they principally modified the principles of the street. They made clear in Chinese language regulation that each firm in China’s final accountability is to the Communist Occasion, to not their clients, to not their shareholders. We have seen at- on the stage of 500 billion {dollars} a 12 months of mental property theft. We now have really in a bipartisan way- over the- did not get a variety of attention- during the last seven years, have been out and we have performed 20 categorised briefings for trade sector, after trade sector, about these dangers. Frankly, pre-COVID, we sort of received nods, however you understand, some pushback as a result of a variety of corporations are making–

MARGARET BRENNAN: As a result of corporations simply needed entry to the market whatever the risk– 

SEN. WARNER: Had been making loads of- have been making some huge cash off Chinese language tech corporations.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Precisely. Precisely.

SEN. WARNER: Now, post-COVID, I feel there’s an awakening that it is a actual problem and I feel the excellent news is that not solely is there awakening, you understand, in America, however a variety of our allies world wide are seeing this menace as effectively. So I feel, you understand, we have to construct this sort of worldwide coalition, as a result of the technology- who wins these expertise domains, I feel will win the race within the twenty first century.

SEN. RUBIO: I- I feel those–

MARGARET BRENNAN: So that you need restrictions on biotech, battery expertise, semiconductors, synthetic intelligence?

SEN. WARNER: I wish to have an method that claims we have to take a look at international expertise investments, international expertise growth, whatever the nation, if it poses a nationwide safety menace, and have some place that may consider this. We sort of do that advert hoc at this level. You recognize, we- we- years again, there was a Russian software program firm, Kaspersky. Once more, Marco was one of many first ones who mentioned, ‘My gosh, we received to get this off the GSA acquisition record.’ We labored collectively on Huawei, I am certain we will discuss TikTok. We’d like a body to systemically take a look at this. And admittedly, if it goes simply past the so-called CFIUS laws about inbound or outbound funding.

MARGARET BRENNAN: That is a committee that appears at nationwide safety dangers.

SEN. RUBIO: However understanding that for- you understand, 20 years in the past, all people thought capitalism was going to vary China. And we woke as much as realization that capitalism did not change China, China modified capitalism. They usually’ve used it to their benefit and to our drawback. And never merely from an outdated Soviet perspective to take us on from a geopolitical or navy perspective, they’ve performed so from a technological and industrial perspective. And so you’ve got seen the most important theft and switch of mental property within the historical past of humanity happen during the last 15 years, a few of it funded by American taxpayers. That has to cease. It is undermining our nationwide safety, and giving them an unfair benefit and these beneficial properties that they are making.

SEN. WARNER: And let me simply echo- you know- I am sufficiently old to remember- you understand, the challenges with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was an ideological menace, and a navy menace. It actually was by no means a firstclass, financial menace. China, now we have ideological variations. They’ve a rising navy, however area after area, they’re a- proper with us in sure areas, even forward of us, in this sort of expertise, on a lot. And I agree with Marco once more, the power to sort of manipulate our system, the sort of mixture of command and management with sure tenets of capitalism. They’ve an authoritarian capitalism that for awhile labored fairly effectively. I do not suppose it really works in addition to our long-term system. However now we have to tell all of our trade and admittedly, all our allies about this problem.

MARGARET BRENNAN: They’ve the largest hacking capability program than every other nation. Intelligence group says they’re the world chief in surveillance, in censorship. How restricted ought to their capability to entry this market be?

SEN. RUBIO: Let me put it to you this manner, I feel it’s practically inconceivable for any Chinese language firm to adjust to each Chinese language regulation and our expectations on this nation. Chinese language regulation could be very clear. For those who’re a Chinese language firm, and we ask you in your information, we ask you in your info, we ask you for what you’ve got, or we ask you to do one thing, you both do it, otherwise you will not be round. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: You wish to ban Chinese language corporations from investing in America? 

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, I feel there’s sure invest- investments the place there isn’t any manner we are able to shield the nation from doing it. You- we’re gonna return to TikTok, folks say, you understand, ‘Why can we care about what some 16-year-olds are doing?’ I do not suppose the menace is that some 16-year-old likes these cool movies which might be on there, which I admit are- are engaging, clearly, as a result of the factitious intelligence makes it so. It is the large quantity of information that they are gathering, not on one 16-year-old, not on a thousand 16 year-olds, however on thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Individuals that give them industrial benefits, probably the benefit of with the ability to form American public opinion in a time of disaster, that- that simply give them a unprecedented insights that permit them to steer the dialog on this nation in any course they need. And- and these are long-term threats which might be extraordinary to the nation in- in- within the twenty first century.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However this has been talked about for 3 years now. 

SEN. WARNER: However- however let’s–

MARGARET BRENNAN: The Trump administration tried to ban it, the Biden administration nonetheless hasn’t pulled the set off on what to do with TikTok– 

SEN. WARNER: Let’s- let’s look- let me construct on what Marco simply mentioned. And I feel once more, perhaps we have been all a bit of bit gradual to acknowledge the problem right here. It’s each a knowledge assortment entity. Now it might not acquire as a lot information as a few of our American platforms. However it is vitally a lot, on the finish of the day, nonetheless accountable to the Communist Occasion. However take into consideration this, Margaret. 138 million customers in America use TikTok frequently, common about 90 minutes a day. I am certain your community would like to have 138 million Individuals spending 90 minutes a day in your community. And I am not saying that the TikTok or Communist Occasion is driving the- the movies you see. However the- the actual fact is, the algorithms that decide what you see on TikTok, is decided out of Beijing by China. And the proof is, should you take a look at what Chinese language youngsters are seeing on their model of TikTok, which emphasizes science and engineering, versus what our children and children world wide are seeing, it’s dramatically completely different. So each from a knowledge assortment, and from frankly, a propaganda instrument, it’s of giant concern. How we go at this systemically is what- you know- we’re each perhaps, at barely other ways to get there. However I feel ensuring we educate our fellow Individuals and the remainder of our colleagues on this problem is de facto vital.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However- so, CBS spoke to TikTok about their plans and the corporate mentioned they’d come to an settlement over the summer season by way of how they may construction issues to separate and create a wall to guard in opposition to a few of these considerations. They mentioned they’ll proceed working within the U.S. by providing information protections. Do you each know what they’re providing and- you are laughing, so I am guessing this is not ample?

SEN. RUBIO: I- I do not know what the info protections are. And there is a technical side to it. However it’s past the info protections. It is the power to- somebody- simply let me offer you an instance, proper? What’s the Chinese language narrative on Taiwan, that it is a part of China, that it is a faux declare, and so forth. They usually perceive that on this republic, to ensure that america to stay as much as its commitments to Taiwan, you might want to have public help for that, proper? Due to the potential excessive prices to pay for the U.S. to maintain its commitments as regards to Taiwan. So in the event that they dedicate years and years to influencing the American audiences via using TikTok: the info, and their capability to make use of synthetic intelligence and their algorithms to information it, to undermine our narrative, and to extend their narrative; we might very effectively attain a degree the place there’s a Taiwan contingency, and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Individuals have already purchased into years and years of affect from the Chinese language. Now- on this nation, folks have a proper to say these issues. However to- however we were- take into consideration how fired up all people was over the truth that Russian trolls and bots have been shopping for adverts on Fb throughout 2016. This goes exponentially better than that, by way of its stage of affect and [unintelligible].

MARGARET BRENNAN: So Senator Hawley desires to ban it. Is that ample?

SEN. RUBIO: I [CROSSTALK] I filed a invoice to ban it final 12 months, we will refile it once more this 12 months.


SEN. RUBIO: It is bipartisan, bicameral. Some individuals are not prepared to go that far, however I definitely suppose it is the appropriate place to be. However in the long run, we received to do one thing about it, whether or not it is a ban or one thing else. I truthfully do not know, I- as I sit right here with you right this moment, I do not know the way our nationwide safety pursuits and the operation of TikTok on this nation, so long as it is owned by ByteDance, can coexist.


MARGARET BRENNAN: You wish to power a sale? 

SEN. RUBIO: I have been wanting to do this for 3 years.

SEN. WARNER: I am taking a look at– pay attention Marco and I’ve the identical objectives. I could have a barely completely different method. I will sit down and see how we are able to work via this. However I have been listening to it, I have been making an attempt to provide the Biden administration, now greater than two years, to see, is there a technical answer right here? And I would be prepared to check out it. The Biden administration has not introduced that. And I feel the issue is, that is technically terribly arduous to do. TikTok has repeatedly mentioned, ‘Oh, Individuals’ information, not being seen in China.’ And repeatedly, we have seen Chinese language engineers gaining access to American information. So the way you absolutely wall that off, however greater downside to me is, if you’re really nonetheless writing the algorithms in Beijing that decide what movies you see, how and if these algorithms frequently get up to date, how you set any sort of wall in there, even when there’s an American firm in between, that can give us the that sort of safety in order that we do not have this sort of manipulation, for instance, on the difficulty like Taiwan.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However it’s already been downloaded 200 million occasions. And you possibly can host content material exterior the U.S. How do you make that- you may make the argument right here, however how do you persuade a 16-year-old to delete the app and do away with the telephone? I imply, is- is not this very arduous to place the toothpaste again within the tube?

SEN. WARNER: This- this- Completely. However this is among the the reason why. And once more, I feel Congress has been horribly unsuccessful at this. I have been saying for years, and we might not absolutely agree on this. However on all these social media corporations, a variety of good, however there’s a darkish underbelly. And the truth that america, traditionally, we’d have set some guidelines of the street for these- for these entities, by way of requirements, by way of protocols, by way of applicable conduct, by way of questions like- even like primary privateness. However our failure to take action has imply, we have ceded that management, typically out of time to the Europeans, or to particular person states. And I feel that is, frankly, a lack of American management. And, as you mentioned, placing the genie again within the bottle. Whether or not it’s- whether or not it is TikTok, and even privateness on our personal platforms, is an actual problem. I feel Individuals need us to do this. And we received to kind via a option to do it. And I feel continued failure of Congress to behave simply is not a ok response.

SEN. RUBIO:  Each technological advance has include advantages and- and prices. You recognize, we by no means had automobile accidents or drunk drivers till we had vehicles. And the identical is true now with expertise. So we’re grappling with that. I feel the- the- the distinction is the pace of innovation right this moment strikes so quick. And it strikes a lot sooner than the power of this republic and this elected branches to answer it. And it requires a stage of experience that oftentimes public policymakers battle to maintain up with as a result of frankly, these industries are altering sooner, by the point you’re- you suppose you perceive that it is develop into one thing else.

SEN. WARNER: And if- and if this- that is why, what’s so concern me is, you understand, for many of my lifetime, we led just about in each innovation space. We have abruptly wakened with 5G wi-fi communication the place China was setting the requirements. We wakened in an trade like semiconductor chips, and wakened. We used to personal this and we have misplaced it. We have seen now the photo voltaic trade the place it is all migrated to China. If- take into consideration this notion round quantum computing, the power to interrupt any sort of encryption, or synthetic intelligence. We have all seen, you understand, reviews about how a few of these new purposes which might be actually sort of perhaps revolution how- how we stay. If these come- if these applied sciences are pushed by an authoritarian regime out of China, you understand, I do not care the place you fall on the political spectrum in America, that is not excellent news or- without cost folks wherever on the earth.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Aren’t you- aren’t you gonna run headlong into enterprise pursuits right here in america? I imply, simply take a look at Elon Musk. The U.S. authorities depends on his firm, SpaceX. He has a majority in automobile firm Tesla. He has management over the web connection in Ukraine through Starlink. And he now owns Twitter. You mentioned there isn’t any one on the earth extra depending on the Communist Occasion than Elon Musk.

SEN. WARNER: That is my concern, I feel, I feel–

MARGARET BRENNAN: You may’t cease that non-public funding, are you able to? 

SEN. WARNER: I feel- I feel- I’ve an enormous respect for what Elon Musk did with SpaceX. And I, you understand, early on in my congressional profession, I needed to guarantee that we gave industrial operators and satellites an opportunity. My concern along with his possession of Twitter just isn’t whether or not he places Donald Trump again on Twitter or not. My concern is, should you take a look at Mr. Musk’s public statements, they’re nearly all supportive of the oversight regime in China, and so they’re nearly all derogatory in regards to the oversight regime in America and in Europe. And a part of that, I feel, whether or not it is knowingly or not, is the place does he get all his batteries that go into all these Teslas? They’re inbuilt China, largely, frankly, with a variety of Uyghur labor and Senator Rubio has been the chief on making an attempt to guarantee that the Chinese language Communist Occasion’s remedy of the Uyghur folks is prohibited. And I’ve but to listen to from Mr. Musk, how that sort of contradiction about feedback in regards to the CCP in China, and what he is coping with Uyghur labor, how that is not going to affect a few of his choices.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However he is not breaking any legal guidelines but, so how do you cease that?

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, so this is the purpose I’d make if there’s proof, for instance, that SpaceX has been transferring expertise to the Chinese language authorities as a result of they have been leveraged–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you think that is the case?

SEN. RUBIO: I have never seen proof of that. However- however that is one thing now we have to be very vigilant about. However for instance that have been to return out that SpaceX is in some way transferring expertise to China, in alternate for serving to Tesla achieve success. That may be a giant downside, and that is one thing we must confront head on. However you are completely proper about- it goes past Elon Musk, I imply, enterprise pursuits have invested each in entry to the Chinese language market, but in addition within the technique of manufacturing and it is allowed them in lots of instances, traditionally, to be deputized, and that features the finance and funding world to return to Washington and argue for issues which might be in opposition to the nationwide curiosity, however in favor of their brief and midterm revenue line for his or her traders for his or her firm. So that could be a new problem that we’re confronting, as a result of we have by no means had one other market with- that had that stage of leverage over American corporations, and that stage of- due to this fact that stage of affect over American authorities.

SEN. WARNER: And I do although suppose one good piece of reports right here is that, and I am not going to name them out by title or sector, however there are a selection of corporations and- and even entire sectors that did not even wish to hear the categorised info from the intelligence group by about why- you bought to watch out about, I am not saying do not do enterprise with these Chinese language corporations, however right here you must be on guard in regards to the stage of mental property theft and making an attempt to get at you- even via joint ventures or potential sidebar investments, having access to expertise and different innovation. Put up-COVID, the place I feel you noticed our dependence upon Chinese language provide chain, which I feel long-term in a bunch of areas, prescription drugs for one. We received to vary. Put up-COVID, I do suppose there’s an awakening to that. However we received to maintain the stress on.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator Rubio, as a conservative, you need to really feel a bit of bit uncomfortable with speaking about authorities intervention in personal trade. However that has been the U.S. answer, in some methods to the semiconductor points, you have been elevating, this subsidy to attempt to deliver chipmaking again to America.

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, I’d argue this, that I do not consider in authorities intervention within the personal sector, however I do consider in authorities intervention on nationwide safety– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: These are subsidies.

SEN. RUBIO: And so capitalism- so capitalism goes to provide the most effective final result. However generally, what do you do when essentially the most environment friendly final result just isn’t in our nationwide curiosity? As a result of it is extra environment friendly to purchase uncommon earth minerals from the Chinese language, it is extra environment friendly to have issues constructed over there in lots of instances, however is it in our nationwide curiosity to depend upon them for 80-something p.c of the energetic elements in our prescription drugs? I may argue it isn’t. And in these situations the place the market environment friendly final result just isn’t in our nationwide curiosity, it’s my opinion that we default to the nationwide curiosity as a result of with out our nationwide curiosity or our nationwide safety, the opposite issues will not matter. We’re not a market, we’re a nation. And the market exists to serve the nation, not the nation to serve the market. And so there are industries during which we might want to take a step as a result of the U.S. has a vested nationwide safety curiosity in guaranteeing now we have a home or allied functionality. It is why now we have an airplane trade in america. It is why now we have a shipbuilding trade in america. I feel that ought to lengthen to expertise and agriculture in sure sectors.

SEN. WARNER: And that Marc- what Marco simply mentioned is completely proper. You recognize, I- I am going to match my capitalism bona fides with anybody. I am pleased with my enterprise actions, and I feel our system, a variety of flaws in it however nonetheless has moved extra folks out of poverty than every other system. However the level that sort of a twentieth century context that mentioned, after all, we wish to have- construct our fighter pilots- planes right here. And we wish to construct our plane carriers in locations like Virginia. That was conventional nationwide safety. However when nationwide safety means provide chain round prescription drugs, or who can create the brand new power sources, going to energy, you understand, electrical automobiles in all places. And I come again to issues, we made the choice that wi-fi communications, if it is pushed on Chinese language networks, that is a nationwide safety threat. And fortuitously, the remainder of the world is now agreeing with us on that. I come again to those different domains, synthetic intelligence and quantum computing, superior power throughout a bunch of areas. I do not suppose it is- I feel the concept america and our mates are going to must make the sort of investments to match a number of the subsidies which might be going down within the steadiness of the world, notably in China. Once more, I feel that is a nationwide safety difficulty, as a lot as merely a who’s going to win in a single explicit trade space. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, am I listening to you say then that the $50 billion that taxpayers simply pumped into the CHIPS invoice and semiconductors, that that is simply the beginning? That you just suppose different laws is coming like that? 

SEN. WARNER:  I am saying- what I am saying is we- one of many causes that it took us $52 billion, and that was for each semiconductors and subsequent technology wi-fi, was as a result of candidly, I feel we went asleep on the change for a very long time and we needed to abruptly play catch up, as a result of we might seen China advance. And we had additionally seen Taiwan, our buddy, and one of many the reason why we have to be supportive, when, frankly, each superior chip, in all of our jets, satellites and seacraft are made in Taiwan. We have been chasing after the actual fact. If we are able to get forward on- on a few of these key areas, I do not suppose we are going to want that sort of funding. However we’re going to have to guarantee that we have a plan in place to guarantee that these new expertise domains do not all find yourself in China or different authoritarian regimes.

MARGARET BRENNAN:  However it sounds such as you wish to put extra enamel into nationwide safety assessment commissions like CFIUS.

SEN. WARNER: No, I feel nationwide safety is a really completely different framework. You recognize, ships and weapons and tanks: conventional nationwide safety. Synthetic intelligence, telecommunications community, meals manufacturing, I feel- and I feel Marco would agree, we’re seeing that in a nationwide safety context as effectively.

SEN. RUBIO: There’s- the way in which I view it’s the following. And that’s that we have to establish what are the important industries and capacities that our nation wants to have the ability to have with out being leveraged or, or having to undergo the Chinese language to get it? After which we have to determine what authorities’s position is. Now I wish to guarantee that we’re not turning this right into a lobbyist trough, the place each trade comes right here and will get cash. And now we have to guarantee that we will put money into analysis, that that analysis is protected, that there is ample safeguards. As a result of what is the level of placing billions of {dollars} to innovate one thing they are going to steal anyway? We’re simply giving him billions of {dollars} extra. However I do suppose, once more, this isn’t about authorities operating or proudly owning these corporations. However there are capacities that we want, you understand, Boeing- half of Boeing’s income comes from the federal government, as a result of we decided properly that, yeah, we will construct F-35s in America. We’re not going to depend on the Chinese language or another person to make it for us, as a result of we can be denied that functionality in a time of battle. I simply suppose that that should lengthen to areas of commercial capability that we’ve not historically recognized as a nationwide safety difficulty, however are within the twenty first century. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you able to get that via a divided Congress?

SEN. WARNER: I really suppose if there’s one difficulty that also is very bipartisan, it’s a rising concern about China, and a recognition that on this expertise race, second place just isn’t ok for us.

SEN. RUBIO: Yeah. And I’d simply say that, I feel it is- there is a unifying need to do issues to deal with this downside, as a result of in comparison with 5 or 10 years in the past, there’s- that is a brand new consensus. I feel we nonetheless battle with what to do about it past the symbolic, what to do about it past the heated rhetoric and do it in a manner that is balanced and sensible. You recognize, I imply, it is vital for us to not give attention to issues that are not practically as vital as another issues are. However look, it is a new world, and- and- and the world has modified very quick. And I feel everybody’s grappling with that new actuality. Now, you understand arising with options for it’s what we have actually been centered on.

SEN. WARNER: And one of many reasons- one of many the reason why what we have already performed in a bipartisan manner, issues like constructing out broadband, which I feel is nationwide safety, or making these CHIPS investments, we received to guarantee that the precise implementation is completed appropriately. Too typically, I feel Congress is about passing a invoice after which forgetting about it. The place the rubber actually hits the street is- are these packages going to be applied in a good and clear and efficient manner and, frankly, our file on that is a bit more blended.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’ve got mentioned that the Biden Administration has too many cooks within the kitchen in relation to cyber.

SEN. WARNER: I feel we have gone from just about no cooks within the kitchen beneath Trump to a variety of cooks within the kitchen. But when we glance, I feel, writ giant, I would somewhat have too many cooks as a result of this is a matter that- it is at nationwide safety. One of many areas that is going to be my focus this 12 months goes to be well being care and cybersecurity. Greatest area- most useful space on ransomware is well being care, private info. It’s the most useful. And nonetheless in an excessive amount of of our well being care system, cybersecurity is an afterthought. How do you bolt that on? Particularly should you had an MRI machine that is received one other 10 years of life, otherwise you’ve received all these new well being care apps. How do you construct cybersecurity in from day one? These are, these are robust, and I would prefer to have as many sensible of us on the desk as potential to kind it via.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I am being informed we’re out of time, however I wish to guarantee that I ask you. You recognize, China erupted, Beijing erupted with anger when the previous Speaker visited Taiwan. Speaker McCarthy is anticipated to go to that island quickly. Do you suppose there’s values and- a price to lawmakers going and making that assertion by visiting?

SEN. RUBIO: I do, and I do not- I feel the primary worth is we should not permit the Chinese language Communist Occasion to dictate the place members of the U.S. Congress can journey and who they’ll visit–

MARGARET BRENNAN: However would not that simply provoke? 

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely, they’re those that get provoked by it. I imply, I do not suppose the aim of the go to is to be provocative. I feel the aim is said dedication this nation has made to Taiwan safety, and to the continued help of their aspirations to stay freed from the yoke of Beijing. They do not wish to flip into the subsequent Hong Kong. And so I feel American policymakers have a proper to precise that by touring and visiting with these leaders. We won’t permit the Chinese language authorities to dictate the place American leaders can journey. So I do not suppose Speaker Pelosi or- or McCarthy would journey there for functions of upsetting the Chinese language. However I am unable to management what provokes the Chinese language. And- and I feel they should have a bit of bit extra respect for our system during which the president cannot inform the Speaker of both social gathering, the place to journey or the place to go.

SEN. WARNER:  I feel Speaker McCarthy has the identical proper that Speaker Pelosi did. And I feel the problem is how we keep that help for Taiwan, however on the similar time, acknowledge that there are a lot of locations the place it’s in America, the world’s curiosity, that we discover methods to work with China. And that is the problem right here. However on the similar time recognizing in these fields, notably round financial competitors and expertise competitors, they’re enjoying with a really completely different algorithm. And to not have some collaboration, however frankly, in area after area, to attempt to dominate. And that is not one thing I feel we and, frankly, our mates world wide, and there are a lot of, many people who’re searching for robust American management right here. I feel now we have that capability to rebuild a set of alliances that can be important going ahead.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are we going to see a bipartisan journey to Taiwan?

SEN. WARNER:  Every part’s on the schedule.

SEN. RUBIO: In all probability would not announce it forward of time simply in case.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Nicely, I am coming with you, so. However I do wish to thank each of you for sitting down collectively. We really have not had a bipartisan interview like this in about three years. So to see a Democrat and Republican sit down and discuss problems with substance is nice to see. So thanks for doing it.

SEN. RUBIO: Nicely I suppose we’ll see you three years from now.

SEN. WARNER: We’ll see extra of this. 


MARGARET BRENNAN: No. We would like you again –

SEN. WARNER: This committee has received –  this committee’s received a file on doing that. We’re gonna proceed it. 

SEN. RUBIO: Completely.


Supply: www.cbsnews.com

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