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Today’s (29.04.22) Theni District Important News and Events

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Honey Today’s important events in the district in a few lines…

Low flow in Suruli Falls:

In the district of Theni for the past few days, there has been no summer rain and the summer heat has increased and the heat has increased. Suruli Falls, a famous tourist spot in Theni district, has reduced its water flow. Tourist arrivals have also reduced significantly as the water falls to the extent that only a few people can stand and bathe. The forest department has said that only if it rains in the Meghamalai region, the water flow to Suruli Falls will be high, and the current lack of rain has reduced the water flow.

From your city(honey)

Hallmark Brand :-

It has been announced that the Hallmark stamp scheme is working in 32 districts including Theni Ramanathapuram. In this regard, the central government has issued a press release saying, “Indian Standards Organization has made ‘Hallmark’ stamp mandatory for gold jewellery. In this way, through the centers in 256 districts of the country, more than 3 lakhs are sold every day. Gold items are hallmarked with HUID.

Meanwhile, the Hallmark scheme is going to be implemented in 32 more districts. According to this, Hallmark centers are to be activated in Theni and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu. It is also informed that the list of districts selected in this scheme and additional details have been published on the website of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) www.bis.gov.in.

Chief Minister Visit :-

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mukastal is scheduled to visit Theni and Dindigul districts tomorrow to launch various new projects. On behalf of Tamil Nadu Government, foundation laying ceremony for welfare scheme and new projects will be held tomorrow near Theni Nagar and Periyakulam bypass road in Theni district. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin will participate in this function and inaugurate various new projects in Theni district.

On behalf of various departments, 11 thousand people were given Rs. 300 crore worth of welfare schemes. A huge decorative pavilion has been erected in the area where the ceremony will take place. Additional police security has been arranged in the district as the welfare program assistance function attended by the Chief Minister is going to be held in Theni. Security arrangements have been intensified under the leadership of SPs from various districts including South Zone Police IG Azrakgarh, DIG Rupesh Kumarmeena, Theni SP Praveen Umesh Dongare.

Corona vaccination camp :-

Corona vaccination camp is going to be held tomorrow (Saturday) at 340 places in Theni district on behalf of Public Health and Medical Welfare Department. It has been informed that those who have not yet received the corona vaccine can participate in the camps held in all municipal, municipal and panchayat areas from 9 am to 5 pm. According to a press release issued by the district administration, the public will be informed about the locations of the camps on behalf of the local bodies.

The guest house is ready :-

Tomorrow, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stal’s visit to Theni district will inaugurate the completed development works in Theni district, and a ceremony will be held to lay the foundation stone for new development projects and provide welfare assistance.

The Chief Minister, who will arrive in Theni tonight to participate in the event, will stay at the guest house at Vaigai Dam. After this, the Vaigai Dam Guest House has been prepared grandly

The guest house has been given a fresh coat of paint, and the interior of the house has been stripped of old lamps and replaced with new light fixtures. Also, potholed roads have been temporarily repaired at various places in the district.

Life sentence :-

Karunakkamuthanpatti is a village near Kudalur in Theni district. Twenty-seven-year-old Ajith Kumar and 20-year-old Chelapandy from this village are friends. In 2016, they had a small argument and attacked each other. Chellapandi filed a complaint against Ajithkumar in Cuddalore police station as Ajithkumar assaulted Chellapandi in this incident.

Due to this incident, Ajith Kumar became very angry with Chellapandi and became hostile. In 2016, when Chellapandi was passing through Ajithkumar’s house, Ajith Kumar intercepted Chellapandi and had an argument. This led to a dispute between Ajith Kumar and Chelapandi. In this dispute, Ajithkumar’s mother, father and younger brother also attacked Chelapandi. After the dispute ended, Ajith Kumar slashed Chellapandi with a sickle and Chellapandi died.

Ajith Kumar and his father Kannan, mother Rama and brother Vinod Kumar were arrested in connection with this incident. While the case was going on in the Theni District Additional Sessions Court, now the final hearing of the case has been completed and Judge Shantisezhiyan has given the verdict.

Ajith Kumar, Kannan and Thai Ramuthai have been sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs.5000 each and 1 year imprisonment in default of payment of the fine has been sentenced by the judge.

Correspondent: Sudarsan

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