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This bicycle rear light has two very useful functions to enhance your safety

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The OxiTurn deluxe rear light manufactured by the Overade company seeks to boost the safety of cyclists and scooter riders thanks to both a brake light and turn signals. Convenient to better alert other road users of your intentions.

Source : Overade

Safety is a central element in electric bike et electric scooter. Besides a good brake system, other equipment or accessories make your journeys safer: this is the case with lights. Good headlights make it possible to illuminate the road in front of you as it should, but also to make you well seen by other road users.

The French company Overade goes a bit further than that with its Oxiturn deluxe light, which offers two very practical additional functions: the brake light and the indicators. The brake light works as follows: if you brake, a more intense red light will then be activated on your headlight.

Communicate better

One, it improves your visibility to other cyclists and motorists. Secondly, it indicates more explicitly that you are currently braking: the people behind you should maintain vigilance and anticipate, or even begin a braking phase.

Source : Overade

The OxiTurn deluxe does not rely on a traditional accelerometer: according to the company, this type of sensor is “ unable to detect a weak deceleration”. Instead, the manufacturer uses a“small silicone sleeve called OxiBrake, placed on the brake handle of a bicycle or scooter, which communicates with the OxiTurn lighting by radio frequency ».

Very practical turn signals on scooters

The press release sent to the editorial staff states:This innovation is equipped with a deformation sensor: when you brake, it deforms and sends a signal to the lighting, which lights up more intensely ».

For its part, the turn signals can be activated from a remote control to be fixed on your handlebars, near one of your hands for easy access. Just press the right or left button to turn on one of the two indicators. Easy as pie.

This function is very useful on an electric scooter – less stable than a bicycle – to keep both hands on the handlebars while indicating its direction. On a scooter, the handlebars may tend to shake, because they are less well stabilized, when you remove one of your hands.

Weather resistant

Sold for 89 euros, the OxiTurn deluxe offers five lighting modes, 21 hours of autonomy depending on the mode used, goes up to 90 Lumens and a diffusion angle of 220°, weatherproof (IP64) and recharges via USB . It can be placed on a helmet as well as on a luggage rack or saddle.

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