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Things to follow to beat summer heat:

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It is very important to maintain the proper level of water in the body during summer. Vegetables are the first to help. Vegetables are rich in water. It is best to eat as many vegetables as possible raw or lightly cooked. Keep in mind that there is no benefit in eating too much boiled or fried food.

Eat lots of onions. Onion prevents diseases like heat rash in the body during hot season.


Eating fruits is very important for summer. Water-rich fruits address the body’s need for water and also regulate body heat.
Watermelon is a must to avoid summer sun. Watermelon is 90 percent water, so it is best to preserve the body’s water. Consume more cucumber which is more water nutritious than watermelon which is very good for the body.Watermelon |  2 in Marakanam area...

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Body heat

For those with a high body temperature, it can get even hotter in the summer. Dehydration can cause stomach cramps, abdominal pain, and irritation while urinating. The eyes are the first to reveal body heat. Problems such as feeling of heat in the eyes, irritation, redness, discharge of dirt from the eyes will develop. These problems can be avoided by consuming plenty of water-rich fruits, vegetables, water and whey.Fruits that are high in water content  Neer Sathukal Athigam Ulla Fruit in Tamil

If your head sweats a lot, you need to wipe it more often. If sweat is left alone, the body will catch cold. People with sinus problems should avoid sweating.

Measles diseases

Measles is more common in summer. Children are more likely to suffer from measles, so it is best to get vaccinated as advised by the doctor. Measles can be avoided by maintaining proper hydration by consuming plenty of fresh water, fruits and vegetables. Turmeric and neem can be used to reduce the effects of measles.

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Dietary patterns

You can take a lot of watery vegetables such as watery kirni, watermelon, cucumber, radish, watercress, beerkangai, beetroot, pomegranate, strawberry, nungu, banana and greens. Mint, coriander, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, nannari seeds, fenugreek seeds, lemon etc. can be added more in the diet. You can drink lemon, mint, ginger, honey juice or tea daily. Herbal tea mixed with mint leaves and ginger can be taken.
The body will not become dry if you eat water sources like nemor, ilaneer, padaneer, kampangooj, kelvaraku kooj. Arugula juice, gooseberry juice, watermelon juice, cucumber juice, citrus juices etc. can balance the water loss. Avoid wheat, maida, chicken, pickles and packet foods that increase heat.Medicinal benefits of mint...!

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