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the police evacuate the University of Bordeaux-Victoire, occupied for ten days

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80 CRS were mobilized for the evacuation operation which began at dawn and took place “calmly, without clashes or use of force”, according to the authorities.

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The evacuation operation of the campus of the University of Bordeaux-Victoire at dawn on Friday March 31, 2023 mobilized 80 CRS.  (THIBAUD MORITZ / AFP)

Occupied for ten days as part of the mobilization against the pension reform, the University of Bordeaux-Victoire is being evacuated, learned on Friday March 31 France Blue Gironde at the prefecture. Nearly 80 CRS were mobilized for the operation. According to the prefecture of Gironde, the occupation of the campus “by a maximum of 200 people, mostly from outside the University and by students had created “conditions of insecurity for people and property”.

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This evacuation, which took place “calmly, without collision or use of force”, began at 4:30 a.m. Friday, according to authorities. When the police arrived, around 40 people were inside the university. The prefecture of Gironde reminds France Bleu Gironde that “the occupation was considered illegal and dangerous”.

“A rear base with several violent actions”, according to the prefecture

In a press release, the prefecture of Gironde deplores “many damages” inside the site, such as “tags, water damage” or “the destruction of video surveillance cameras and the deterioration of fire protection equipment”. The prefecture also regrets “the holding of rave-type parties and the presence of individuals on the roofs. The premises served as a rear base for several violent actions during the recent demonstrations” against the pension reform, she adds.

Tuesday, during the tenth day of interprofessional mobilization, clashes erupted between demonstrators and police on Victory Square. Several hundred people then took refuge inside the campus.

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